Damian Seth Azariah Echols

Who is Damian Seth Azariah Echols? 5 Hidden Facts About Him

American writer and film producer, Damien Echols, who was the father of Damian Seth Azariah Echols. The son is famous because of him, but not only him. As we are going to tell you the main reason why he became the limelight.

Damien Echols is best known for being a member of West Memphis Three, a group of three teenagers arrested and charged with the murders of three eight-year-old boys living in West Memphis.

Yes, as he believed in magic, witchcraft, and stuff like that, compelled him to do this cruel act.

The full details of Damian Seth Azariah Echols are not known, his true identity is the son of one of the members of West Memphis Three, Damien Echols. West Memphis Three was a group of teenagers arrested, imprisoned, and sentenced to death in June 1993.

He was charged with triple murder. Damian Seth’s mother Domini Teer is his father’s ex-girlfriend Damien Echols. Her parents had been dating for a long time, and Domini Teer had previously become pregnant in Damien’s prison. Damian was born almost before the rehearsal.

Quick Facts About Damian Seth Azariah Echols

Full Name Damian Seth Azariah Echols
Birthday 11th Dec 1974
Age as per 2022 47
Married/Single Married
Wife Name Lorri Davis
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark brown
Height 5.9 inches


What is the Secret Behind His Unique Name?

Domini Teer later explained the exact description of his son’s name. She mentioned that her son’s name was written differently from her father’s name, her father’s name was Damien and her son’s name was Damian.

His mother also explained that the name “Damien” belonged to a biblical figure. The exact Damien is not known, but when he was in his early twenties, he was believed to have been there.

About Damien Echols; Father of Damian Seth Azariah Echols

Damian Seth Azariah Echols

It was mentioned above that Damian Seth Azariah Echols’ father Damien Echols is known as a member of West Memphis Three and is a US citizen. Damien has written many spiritual books and autobiographies. He has appeared in many documentaries, books, and podcasts for her remarkable spiritual deeds and, in the case of three children, West Memphis Three.

Damien Echols was born on December 11, 1974. His full name is Damien Wayne Echols. His parents divorced and often moved to different places, and he attended eight schools ten years ago. At the age of eighteen, he and his two accomplices, Jessie Misskelley and Jason Baldwin were arrested for the murder of three little boys.

He and his friends were sentenced to death, but after DNA tests, evidence was found against Echols, Baldwin, and Misskelley. That he saved and spent his 18 years in prison. In the first years of his imprisonment, he studied Buddhism and later turned his interest to ceremonial magic. Damien published his autobiography, Almost Home.

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Some Crisp About His Relationship’s Life

In 1996, he met Lorri Davis, who was then a landscape architect. They had a romantic relationship and in 1999 the couple got married at a Buddhist ceremony. Echols and his wife Lorri Davis co-authored a book called Yours for Eternity, which was part of their letters when Damien was in prison.

About Domini Teer; Mother of Damian Seth

Damian Seth Azariah Echols

Damian’s father Damien Echols was in a relationship with Damian’s mother Domini Teer. At the time of Damien’s arrest, his girlfriend Domini Teer was expecting a child and gave Damian life a few months later. Complete information about Domini Teer is unavailable because she is identified as the former friend of Damien Echols and the mother of her son Damian Seth Azariah Echols.

In 1996, Domini Teer appeared in the American documentary Paradise Lost: The Child Murders in Robin Hood Hills. He also appeared in Paradise Lost 3. The film was directed, produced, and edited by two well-known film industry names, Bruce Sinofsky and Joe Berlinger. The theme of this document is based on the West Memphis Three exams.

In 1993, three teenagers were charged with the sexual mutilation and murder of three prepubescent boys.

Marriage of Damian Seth’s Parents

While Damian’s father was in prison, he published his documentary Paradise Lost.

Lorri watched his document and learned of the case, then decided to write him to jail. In 1996, they met and began a romantic relationship between them. At the end of December 1999, they both married.

Lorri and Damien wrote more than 5,000 letters. In 2011, Damian Seth’s father Azariah Echols was released from prison because it was proven that he had never committed the crime.

Net Worth of Damian Seth Azariah

It’s hard to find Damian’s net worth because his parents never said anything about him. There is no information on his age, education, occupation, and income, etc. Damian Seth’s father Azariah Damien Echols and his mother-in-law Lorris Davis are celebrities and their sources of payment can be measured as net worth.

The net worth of Damian’s father Damien Echols is estimated at more than $ 500,000 and the net worth of his mother-in-law Lorris Davis is about $ 700,000. Damian’s parents tried very hard to keep the information about their son secret, so the media did not get any details about him. Domini got pregnant unexpectedly with her boyfriend Damien and gave Damian life.

Later on, it was clear that the couple never wanted to divulge the secret, so they kept the birth of their children a secret, but they soon learned the news, but did not find out the exact date of Damian’s birth. The couple also did not share the events of Damian’s life. Damian’s photos from the latest news are not available. Our team worked very hard and tried as hard as we could to find more accurate information about Damian for our readers.

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