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Era of cartoons would never fade away; it lives on in everyone’s hearts. Like millions of other people, we are great admirers of cartoons, and among the many types of cartoons available today, one of the most wonderful and popular is anime. Wcoanime is a fantastic website where we can view English dubs of our favorite anime shows.

Some people are unsure what the term anime means. If someone is truly interested in learning everything there is to know about anime, this blog is just for you!

So, before starting, we will give you a brief history of Anime!

The Origins of Anime:

There was a period when hand-drawn cartoons were quite popular, and both children and adults enjoyed viewing a variety of different cartoons.

These hand-crafted abilities are still well-known, and they may be seen in modern animations. The phrase animation is an English term, but “anime” is a widely used term that is taken from Japanese.

You may have also observed that all anime cartoon characters have a Japanese appearance, which is because these cartoons are produced in Japan.

Amazing Anime Genres

Anime genres are determined by people’s preferences and ages. For example, if someone wants to watch a family category with simple subjects and no profane content, there are a few particular categories for them. Similarly, some parents desire particular anime categories for their children that do not feature adult content.

As a result, there are cool anime genres like fantasy and humor. Similarly, anime genres include Horror, Romance, Thriller, Supernatural, Drama, and many others. 

Wcoanime Online


Wco anime dubbed online provides a unique cartoon-watching experience in English dubbed, so you don’t have to look for other cartoons or animated movies to watch.

Here, we are telling you about some of the most well-known anime genres:

  •       Kodom
  •       Mecha
  •       Shotacon
  •       Yuri
  •       Supernatural
  •       Harem
  •       Shojo
  •       Drama
  •       Hentai
  •       Ecchi
  •       Adventure
  •       Comedy
  •       Horror
  •       Isekai

And many others too. Others of the items in each of the categories above are for children, some are for families, some are for adults only, others are for teenagers, and so on. We may watch only one type of anime, but there is also a varied selection. We would like to share a few specifics on the genres stated above, although there’s a lot more information on the internet.

Kodomo Subdivision:

The Kodomo category is exclusively for children, and it comprises cartoons that do not contain adult, romance, or sexual content. Children adore watching Kodomo cartoons, and wco anime dub may provide them with a fantastic English-dubbed anime cartoon experience.

And What About Mecha?

Mecha, on the other hand, is another mind-blowing anime genre that features a fantastic robot. Robots are populated by both children and adults. As a result, it isn’t restricted to any one age range.

What is SuperNatural Series All About Anime?

The SuperNatural series is about ghosts, witches, magic, and other supernatural phenomena, and it is popular with both adults and children. Wcoanime dub will transport you to a magical realm where you can watch your favorite anime in English dub. Adult genres include Yuri, Harem, Hentai, and Ecchi. They have information geared toward adults. It contains material that is sexual, romantic, and erotic.

Did You Know This About Yuri Genre?

The Yuri genre, for example, is about young females having relations with other young girls. Yaoi, an anime depicting young boys’ affection for other young guys, falls into another genre.

Categories of Anime Made Specially for Adults:


If you want to know about Hentai and Ecchi, these two categories are made for adults only because it has extreme adult content including pornography, sex, and erotic stuff.

Ecchi is quite different from Hentai because it’s less sexual and porn stuff than Hentai. You should never try to watch these anime genres along with your children.

Wco anime dubbed has appropriate options that tell you about these categories of anime at the start so you won’t play it accidentally.

You will find lots of internet websites when you search about anime dubbed but not every resource will provide you with accurate or interesting results.

Most Popular Anime Series in the World

If you are reading our blog, you would surely be interested to know about some famous anime series like MangaStream.

Here we are giving you all-time Anime Series information that might be of your interest. 

Dragon Ball Z: it teaches us good versus evil and it is full of adventure and fun. It also enlightens us about how to work in a team and cooperate.

Gurren Lagann: an action-based fiction anime series that was released in 2007.

Pokemon: it is a series of our childhood and even our parents have heard of them too.

Death Note: is a mystery anime series and it has many cool seasons that consist of some amazing must-watch episodes.

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You don’t want to waste time searching for anime on many websites because wcoanime online is a good and convenient place to watch anime online and on TV. There are many comprehension options and all kinds of anime, as well as many languages ​​and a great online anime experience.

So, without much thought, start watching your favorite anime shows on wco anime dub tv now without having to worry about custom settings.

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