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Improv Gym: Put in the Scene Work
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Yes, And. Yes, And. Yes, And.
Get ready to do the reps, put in the practice, and become the best improviser possible!

Welcome to the Improv Gym. Not as much sweat as a regular gym, and definitey more laughter!

The Improv Gym is all learning, feedback, and practice.
It's a scenework workout, and our teachers are focused on helping you!
The skills you learn here can be used in long form and short form improv.
Our teachers are some of the best in the area

Improv Gym focuses on core improv skills:
Yes, And
Follow the Fear
Make Statements
Add Details
Make Your Partner Look Good

You'll see results after one week. Attend as much as you would like and see your improv skills radically improve.

Improv Gym is open to everyone, but we ask that you're wanting to become a better improviser. Please be open to feedback.
If you're interested in just having fun, and meeting people you may want to consider our amazing Improv Playground!