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Don't miss a weekend of some of stand-ups best comics! 

Tickets are $15 online and $20 at the door.

**This show can contain strong language and adult themes and is intended for a mature audience. Audience discretion is advised**

The Rocklin Comedy Jam! TWO nights of rockin' comedy!

Each night has DIFFERENT comedians and different material from our host and headliner.

Making it two great nights with 10 hilarious comedians


August 3  - 8pm


Parker Newman

Bio: Parker Newman isn't afraid to get personal and vulnerable with his audience. He has been featured on the cover of submerge magazing. Artie Lange says Parker is "smart, funny, and might be his kid"

Eerie Diamond

Bio: Friends and fans call her Eerie and once you see her comedy you will see why. Her comedy has been called weird and sharp. She performs at Cobb’s Comedy Club, The Punchline and the weirdest thing about her show is missing it.

K Chheng

Bio: K has performed at San Francisco Comedy Day, Electric Daisy Carnival, and the San Francisco Punchline. He produces a monthly show at Buzzworks in San Francisco, and the Khmers of Comedy: the first all Cambodian-American comedy show.

Avery Harmon

Bio: Coming from the windy city of Chicago, comedian Avery Harmon has been molding his craft, performing at prestigious comedy clubs such as Jokes and Notes in Chicago to the San Francisco Punchline. With his creative story telling and keen observant perspective, he's sure to convey an enjoyable performance.

Headlining: Amy Estes

Bio: Amy got her start doing comedy while teaching middle school and took the skills of making a room of surly teens laugh to the stage. Amy’s view on the world has been called “uniquely hateful” but it’s not all bad — her sarcastic but hopeful observational comedy includes her takes on romance, social media, being a 30-something queer lady. When Amy’s not on stage or in the classroom, she is usually snuggling her dogs & cat with coffee in hand.

Clip: Amy Estes Punch Line Sac 12 6 17


August 4th - 7pm

Tito Gonzalez

Bio: Tito has spent his whole life making people laugh. He honed his comic chops playing pranks, school plays and eventually joining a skateboarding crew and filmed multiple videos skateboarding videos with a comedic slant. After high school, Tito spent a few years working as a mechanic and was dared by his friend to try stand up and never looked back. Now his honest style dares you not to laugh.

Hank Romero:

Bio: Hank Romero does comedy how it used to be, no holds barred but funny for everyone. Much like his ethnicity (Mexican & German), his style mixes sharp word play with a crisp delivery to often tackle darker or taboo topics with a wholesome charm. 

Emma Haney

Bio: Emma Haney has been delighting audiences with her dry, absurdist wit at comedy clubs and colleges up and down the West Coast for almost a decade. She was a semi finalist in the Las Vegas Women’s World Series of comedy, has opened for Scott Capurro and Sara Tiana, and most recently has won a beauty contest in monopoly.

Helen Chu

Bio: Helen Chu is a San Francisco based comedian. She first stage experience came from winning her High School mathelete competition. Now she formulates great jokes that equal big laughs at Cobb’s Comedy Club, Tommy T’s and a comedy club near you.

Headlining: Braden Murphy

Bio:  Braden Murphy was born with Cerebral Palsy and is a power wheelchair. He uses his my unique situation to make people laugh by pointing out the humor in every day life. He has performed at Laughs Unlimited, The Ice House, Comedy Palace, Punchline, Blacktop Comedy, Comedy Spot, Tommy T’s , HAHA, The SETUP, and MANY more!



August 4th - 9pm

Ramon Ware

Bio: Ramon Ware is in his 40's and has to raise two teenage and he uses comedy to try to figure out how he got there. He has performed at comedy clubs all over and still hasn't figure it out.

Sydney Stigerts

Bio: Sydney Stigerts is a young Sacramento comedian sharing her unique outlook on life as a young lesbian. From self deprecation, to sarcastic views on current problems and makes it relateable to all audiences.

Marcus Mangham

Bio: Marcus Mangham is an up and coming comedian originally from North Carolina. He now lives in Sacramento, Ca. During his rise to the top, he has opened for stars such as Marsha Warfield, Tony Roberts, and Don D.C. Curry. Marcus has hosted at Cobb’s Comedy Club in San Francisco, Ca. He is quickly on the path to stardom.

Josh Means

Bio: Josh Means is an up and coming comedian from Sacramento, CA. He has performed all over the west coast. From talking about working with kids, his brother with autism and being your favorite ginger, Josh Means business.

Headlining: O.J. Young

Bio: O.J. Young has taken his high energy and innovative comedy across the world and has even opened for names such as Luenelle, Ralphie May Tommy Davidson and Damien Wayans. He has also performed for our troops and stared in movies such as Mannix, Easy Money, and 16 Bars The Movie.

Clip: Comedian O.J. Young LIVE at The Punchline