Instant Characters
The best way to get out of your head is to be in someone elses head.  My favorite moments onstage are when I'm playing someone who isn't me.
Instant Characters is a workshop that will help you get there quicker and find another point of view. You will surprise yourself by saying things that come from a different place by playing a different person.  Most importantly, this workshop focuses on how your character feels about the other people in the scene.
Its too crowded in your head.  Let some of those other characters out.



Chicago-born John Abbott has been performing improv for over 19 years.  A graduate of The Annoyance, iO, and the Second City's Training Center, John interned and then managed at iO where he estimates that he saw over 5,000 improv performances. Mr. Abbott performed on several improv teams at iO and currently played on Wing Night - at The Playground - for 12 years.  He also plays with the improv duo Legends of Public Access which will play again this year at the San Jose Improv Festival in May.  In Wheaton, IL, he plays and coaches the musical improv team Dirty Bars at WestSide Improv. John has coached a half dozen teams, which include Gulp (Theater 773), Hush (independent team), Karate Van (at The Playground), and the Procrastination League (independent team), all of whom have performed in the Chicago Improv Festival. He is proud to currently be working with the Therapy Players, Full Modo, and teach with The Players Workshop at WestSide.