We're the first comedy troupe composed of autistic people. 
We've performed original absurdist and satirical sketches since 2010.
We do not poke fun at Asperger's and we did not form to prove that autistic people can be funny. 
We formed for the same reason anyone does comedy: To make you laugh! 
Please do not expect us to be anything like The Big Bang Theory or anything else that relies on making fun of people. 
Expect silly deadpan sketches that appeal to Aspies and sympathetic others alike.

Thanks for coming!

"Audiences don’t usually know what to expect from Asperger’s Are Us, a Boston sketch comedy troupe made up solely of artists on the autism spectrum. Will they use self-deprecating humor about life with Asperger’s syndrome? Are they hoping to shed light on a serious condition? Will they be something like Sheldon, the socially inept character on CBS’s 'The Big Bang Theory'?

The answer, it turns out, is none of the above.

Instead of focusing on the condition, the four men who make up the troupe perform skits and monologues that reflect their thoughts, perspectives and offbeat sensibilities, often characterized by deadpan and absurd humor... the guys are not looking for sympathy laughs or polite applause. Their show is not an autism awareness campaign, they say. They want people to laugh simply because they’re funny." -New York Times

"Weird as the performances were, they were in line with the type of sketch I like from Kids in the Hall or Whitest Kids U’Know—oddball characters, goofy premises, and clever wordplay. As a neur­o­typ­ic­al per­son who is generally ignorant of autism, I didn’t know what to make of the As­per­ger’s aspect of the act. As a dis­crim­in­at­ing fan of alternative com­edy, I ate it up." - Philadelphia Weekly