Connections are the lifeblood of good improv... But are you connecting to the people around you on the best levels? This workshop will focus on skills to build connections between characters in a scene, from listening to emotional reaction, from positive relationship and starting from joy to when arguments are appropriate.

Connect to the true meanings of your improv life!



Rob started doing improv in 1989, with ComedySportz in Bakersfield, CA. His experience includes numerous troupes: shortform, longform (including the Movie, the JTS Brown, a duo and a solo show) and sketch in the intervening years. He earned a BFA from the California State University and completed his Master's in Education in 2004, followed by an Administrative Credential in 2014.

Rob founded the Center for Improv Advancement (CIA) in 2008, and since then he's performed in inaugural festivals on both coasts - 1st New York Improv Festival, the 1st San Diego Improv Festival, as well as the OC Improv Cup, and the LA Improv Festival at iO West. His resume also includes several ComedySportz national tournaments and a World Series of Comedy. 

He performed and taught at the inaugural Downtown Vegas Improv Festival, San Jose Improv Festival, Improv Fest Ireland, and Tampa Bay Improv Festival, as well as performing at the San Diego Improv Festival, Orange County Improv Festival, Joshua Tree International Improv Comedy Festival, Red Rocks Improv Festival, Sacramento Improv Festival, and the California Comedy Festival... all in 2016 alone!

Rob's teaching experience includes improv workshops since 1989, contract teaching of Theatre and English classes since 2001, and a generation of improv performers that now permeate the industry. Rob approaches improv with the career knowledge of a teacher, improviser and actor. His acting resume includes over half of the Shakespearean canon, as well as Shepard, Sheridan, and every other playwright whose name starts with "Sh."

Miles Stroth called Rob "A big fish in any pond." Jill Bernard said "{Rob's} part of a group that changed the way we all looked at improv." He looks forward to sharing his approach with you.