Open Mic
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Welcome to the Open Mic!

The Open Mic offers the new comedians, and experienced veterans. You'll see over twelve comics. Each open mic comic gets 5 minutes.

Catch the new and the best comedians in Northern California!

Performers should arrive at Blacktop by 6:30 to sign up. There will be 10 spots available. Performers who bring audience members are GUARANTEED stage time.

 No one is getting bumped or downgraded for bombing, which is a normal part of learning stand up, so don't worry about that. So long as comedians are working hard and trying their best everyone is going to be happy.
Note a few things.
·      Sets are 5 min.
·      Sets are uncensored.
·      If you go over the 5 minute set time you will be played off stage.
·      There is no two drink minimum for the open mic shows.