It’s time to stop letting anything hold you back and just go for it! This workshop is designed to build your confidence to make bold moves, find the fun in your scenes, and allow you to be the kind of improviser others can’t wait to play with. Being bold and fearless is a skill that can be developed. Betsaida combines strategies from Improv, Psychology, and Coaching to create this empowering workshop. You want to be Bold AF? Ok, now is the time! Go for it!


Instructor: Betsaida Lebron

Betsaida LeBron is the co-founder of Blacktop Comedy Theater in Rocklin, CA. She has studied and performed with iO, ComedySportz, and Theatre Sports. When not teaching and performing Improv, Betsaida works as a Program Supervisor for the non-profit Mental Health America. She has a passion for teaching and coaching individuals to reach their maximum potential.