Cast: Asli Ors and Andrea Barello

Base of Improv Operations: San Francisco

One sunny afternoon, while sipping beer after a workshop at the San Francisco Improv Festival, Asli proposed to Andrea: How about an improv duo of non-native English speakers? Euro Trash was born.  At times they may come across as speaking gibberish to one another. But when they are on stage, and as the scene unfolds, a bounty of kinesthetic language comes to life, and Euro Trash takes you on an amazing journey of playful improvisation and mixed cultures. Euro Trash is Asli Ors and Andrea Barello. They perform regularly in San Francisco, and in 2015 they performed at Los Angeles Improv Comedy Festival, San Francisco Improv Festival, and Improv Fest Ireland. 

Show ticket includes 2 shows!  Euro Trash and Jackson Soup!