Sept. 15 (Saturdays) – Second Stage (Suite 2A) 
Meets: Sept.  15, 22

Ages: 18+

Time:  10am -2:30pm
Performance: Sunday, September 23 @ 7pm

Stand-Up 101: Learn How to Become a Comedian with Keith Lowell Jensen. He's an award-winning comedy writer, performer, and teacher who's been serious about comedy for over 20 years. Whether you want to be a stand-up comedian, a comedy writer, funny public speaker, or simply inject more humor into your life, Keith's class is what you need!

Keith easily breaks down the comedy writing and the performance process. He shares all the vital techniques, secrets and skills used by comedians to create great comedy material. You'll go from idea to writing and performing a five-minute set in just weeks!  A fun and challenging class for those who want to succeed! 

Stand Up Comedy class is what you need!