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Top 3 Best Shopping Cart Migration Tools in 2023

Are you contemplating moving your eCommerce store to an entirely different platform?

If so, a shopping cart transfer software can be an excellent solution for you.

There is no longer a time when the process of moving from one platform to the next was thought to be difficult. In the past, users were required to manually transfer all customer and product information into the platform of the next. It was not just exhausting and time-consuming, but also an increased chance that you would lose some information.

However, now that you have automated tools to migrate shopping carts the process is a breeze. You can transfer your store’s online presence from one site to the next one in a matter of minutes.

With that said I’ll show you the top shopping cart software on the market.

Read? Let’s get started.

1. Litextension

Litextension is a fully-fledged shopping cart tool with advanced features that facilitate your transition process more simple. With Litextension you can effortlessly move many elements from your current eCommerce store.

It allows you to migrate products, categories of products customers’ details such as orders, coupon reviews, customer passwords, and customer reviews. It also supports the vast majority of more than 120 most popular eCommerce platforms including Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Prestashop, and many more.

With Litextension you can move your online store from an existing one to the brand new eCommerce platform in four simple steps —

  1. It is necessary to input the URL of your source cart and follow the step-by-step directions for setting up the connector.
  2. After that, you must enter the URL of the store you want to use and follow the steps.
  3. Choose the entities you would like to migrate, such as categories, products, or customer details. The language, as well as the customer’s status of an order, are identical to show on your brand new eCommerce store.
  4. Now, the process for transferring starts when your browser is turned off. The process of transferring won’t be interrupted.

Feature Highlights of Litextension –

  • It permits you to transfer the fields of your data this is a fantastic feature since you will not lose any vital information.
  • It allows you to transfer subscription-based data from your current platform to different subscription platforms.
  • It can perform it to perform an intelligent update where your target and source platforms are checked for any differences. If any are discovered the issues will be addressed immediately.
  • It aids in the migration of the latest data in your current store.
  • It lets you redirect your old categories and product URLs from your store’s existing URLs to your new shop.

Pricing and Plans

Based on the amount the number of individuals, Litextension offers two plans: Basic transfer cost and All-in-1 cost.

In the case of basic costs for migration, you must follow the migration instructions and perform the migration yourself using Litextension. Litextension platform. With the All-in-one cost for migration Litextension’s experts will complete the migration process for you from beginning to finish.

2. Cart2Cart

Cart2Cart is an innovative shopping cart migration tool that allows you to transfer the products of your store such as customers, order images, and more. seamlessly to your preferred eCommerce platform. It works with more than 85 different platforms so you can swiftly migrate to your favorite eCommerce platforms.

How does Cart2Cart permit you to complete the process of transferring your shopping cart? Here’s the explanation in four easy steps –

  1. You will need to provide your current store’s URL along with all necessary information to establish a connection with your original (existing) online store.
  2. You will need to provide the URL of your new store and make the connection to your store of choice.
  3. Choose the type of data that you want to migrate, including orders, inventory, or inventory details. to align with the store, you want to target, and you can also select other alternatives for transferring.
  4. After everything is in place once everything is in place, you can begin the process of transferring your data and begin your brand-new eCommerce store in a matter of minutes.

The most appealing aspect of the use of Cart2Cart is it permits you to market your products even if your store is in the transition process. This means that you will not miss any sales that could be made and also ensures that you can magnetize every conversion.

Feature Highlights of Car-

  • It lets you completely transfer all the data stored in your store by utilizing technical support and maintenance of your migration.
  • It lets you transfer recently updated information from your previous eCommerce store to the new store.
  • It creates a full visual representation of how your shop will look following the process of migration.
  • It allows you to export information from your shopping cart to a . CSV file. You can also migrate the information from the database dump.
  • It also lets you return to your current eCommerce platform with ease.

Pricing and Plans

Pricing is based on the software you select to migrate to, the number of products you purchase, the number of customers, as well as the number of orders.

3. NextCart

NextCart offers an auto-shopping cart conversion tool that lets you move your current eCommerce store onto NextCart, the brand new website. It makes it easy to transfer product pictures customers, categories and blog posts, orders, pages, and more in only a couple of clicks.

NextCart simplifies the process of migration in only three simple steps. Let me break it down for you:

  • You must select the tool for migration based on your current (existing) and your target (new) platform before starting the process.
  • The experts and technicians at NextCart will help you during the process of migration is performed.
  • Once all the steps are completed have been completed, the transfer into the brand new system will have been finished and you’ll be able to start earning more revenue.

It is a comprehensive list of eCommerce platforms it supports for both target and source platforms. Some of the platforms that are supported are WordPress, PrestaShop, Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, Joomla, 3DCart, Big Cartel, EDD, Ecwid, and many more.

One of the most appealing aspects of its pricing plans is that within one year after purchase, you can perform unlimited transfers. This means that you can effortlessly switch to a different platform without difficulty if you are unable to master the new platform.

Feature Highlights-

  • It permits you to transfer your data files, such as SQL, CSV, XML, or. and then to the new eCommerce platform. the techs will develop tools for the migration process. and the process of transfer.
  • It can provide custom-designed migration assistance for your store’s new location. It is necessary to provide your details, then the team of technical experts will help you.
  • It lets you import your items to Google Merchant Center and Facebook catalogs with no hassle.
  • It ensures high security of data because the process of migration takes place via cloud servers.
  • There isn’t any downtime and you’re able to handle every single activity in your store.

Pricing and Plans

Pricing is based on the limit of your entity that you set in the process of migration. The limit of the entity is calculated using the highest number of entities that you’ve listed in the number of products such as orders, customers, and blog posts.

Wrapping Up

With the assistance of these top tools for transferring shopping carts, you can quickly enhance your current online store by shifting it to a more appropriate eCommerce platform.

If you’re planning to move the online shop out of Shopify into Magento, WooCommerce to BigCommerce or another platform that you’d like to transfer to this shopping cart migration tools can be used as a bandwagon in breaking down the complicated procedures into simple ones.

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