Workshop: Those Darn First 3 Lines


Workshop: Those Darn First 3 Lines

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Ever watch experienced teams and from the very get-go they seem to be on the same page and playing together…(as opposed to trying to figure it out and hoping the scene eventually emerges)?

It is VERY possible to get on the same page as your scene partner in those first couple of lines and this workshop will give you the tools to be able to do that.

Instructor Rolland Lopez

Rolland has been teaching and coaching improv for almost 5 years. He loves teaching, whether it’s working with seasoned players or introducing Improv as a brand new concept to beginners.

His core tenets when teaching is to fully encourage while helping to guide and push students one small step outside of their comfort zone. Students have to reach but it’s within their grasp and that way, learning and incorporation of concepts can be easily done.

The exercises in his workshops are created with the real world (or stage) in mind. Players walk away being able to immediately use the concepts introduced the next time they’re on stage.

He is currently a faculty member at the Westside Comedy Theatre and is based in Los Angeles. He’s available to coach throughout the city as well as online and can also come to your town!