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Open Mic


Now every Monday and Wednesday!

Welcome to the biggest Open Mic in Sacramento. Grab a drink, and catch the best, and not-so-best comics in Northern California!

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We teach classes! You can learn stand up and improv at Blacktop Comedy. Improv helps with stand-up and stand-up with improv. It’s a symbiotic relationship!

The Sacramento Open Mic scene is packed with a lot of amazing choices, and our two weekly Open Mics are becoming an audience and performer favorite!

Everyone gets a shot at the Blacktop Comedy Open Mic. 

Catch the best, and not so best comedians in Northern California! And, there’s never a two-drink minimum.

Open Mic Details...

  • Comedy open mic is every Monday and Wednesday.

  • Tickets are just $5.

  • Doors open at 7:30pm, show begins at 8pm.

  • Every night is a different lineup. Our one guarantee: you will laugh. I'm sure of it. Over 15 comedians in 90 minutes? That's a lot of comedians, jokes, and laughs.

  •  If you are interested in signing up we have some more information at the bottom of this page.

Open Mic Comedy Please...

While we love all performers, this is an open mic for comedians. If you want to share a song, story, or poem, you can….but please make it a funny song, story, or poem. Our goal is comedy. This is spot for comedians, and local comedy lovers. You will see new comics working alongside pros. You will see veteran comedians who are fine-tuning their sets, tweaking material and testing new jokes. You will also see new comedians, who just looked up, "open mics near me," and want to try out a few lines they’ve been crafting. Everyone deserves a chance to step on stage, and try their material.

And, yes, that's right! Every show is 90 minutes. We know you have work in the morning. We do too! Ninety minutes is a great length for an Open Mic.

Do we go over 90 minutes? Sometimes... but only cause we're having fun. This is a good time, and we don't want to kill the good thing. 

Will I Be Censored?

While some Sacramento open mics censor content, we will not. This is your space to tell jokes, and work on material. But, please tell jokes. Share comedy, not hate.  If you're spewing hate or attacking the audience we have the right to cut your set short. We'll talk with you, and let you know where we had a problem. If it happens again, we’ll just ask you to leave, because we're not the audience for you, and you're not the comedian for us.

Damn. That got serious all of a sudden, but we're protective of this space, and the community, and the vibe. Blacktop Comedy is about having fun, supporting each other, and creating comedy. There’s enough horrible places and people in the world. We’re trying to be an oasis for comedy, support and creativity. If that sounds like a place you'd like to grab a beer, catch some laughs, and maybe even perform we have a spot for you! 

Open Mic Location…

Blacktop Comedy Open Mic is located at our Second Stage in Rocklin. The venue is close to the freeway. If you're coming from Sacramento it's a 20-minute drive, and a 15-minute drive from Auburn. Check out our Location page for directions.

Performer Material

Thank you for wanting to perform at Blacktop Comedy. Interested in getting onstage, and becoming the next great comic? Fantastic. We can’t wait to introduce you...but first we strongly encourage you to read over the following Performer Information. Our goal is to give you a place to learn and perform. Here are some things you should know:

  • You must be at least 18 years old to perform.

  • Sign-ups begin 7:30PM on Mondays and Wednesdays. The signup sheet is at the box office.

  • We do not take early sign-ups.

  • All comedians performing do not have to pay a cover charge.

  • Try to Do a Good Job but Don’t Worry About Failing. Worrying about failing can just kill your creativity.

  •  No one is getting bumped or downgraded for bombing, which is a normal part of learning stand up, so don't worry about that. So long as comedians are working hard and trying their best everyone is going to be happy.

  • Jokes are OK. Hate is not. If you’re just being hateful….scram! We’ll shorten your set. 

  • You will receive a maximum of 5 minutes of stage time. 

  • Relax! You don’t have to use the whole time. Even if you have just one joke, do it! You can still perform.

  • You must perform original content. We think this one is pretty obvious, but we’ve been surprised before.

  • Please be quiet in the theater during the show. It’s not a large space, and your voice travels. You’re not as great at whispering as you think. I’m sorry. Someone had to tell you. You’re still a great person, but if you want to talk go outside

  • Please keep the front door to the theater closed.

  • If you bring an audience we guarantee stage time. (they came all the way to see you!)

  • The list will be announced right before the show begins.

  • We DO NOT alter the list. You might be moved one or two spaces to help the flow of the show, but we don’t sit in the corner and bump all our friends to the top of the list. It won’t happen here. It’s shady behavior and we’re not that sort of comedy club. 

  • Please do not “run the light” (we have a definition below, as well as some other helpful notes). We will light you with one minute left. 

  • If you run the light we will play you off with music… like the Academy Awards. There’s always next week to share more jokes. We’ve got a lot of comedians to get to.

  • Show runtime: 90-120 minutes.

  • We thought about adding: “be respectful to staff and other comedians,” but if you have to READ that to realize that’s important, you’re probably an awful person. You’re probably not a good fit at Blacktop.

  • Some venues mention, “treat the audience with respect,” but, if you have to READ that to remind yourself, “people deserve respect,” you might want to look inside your soul. Why would you want to treat the audience badly? Want to talk about it? Give us a call: (916) 672-1617.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Open Mic?

             Open Mic is short for Open Microphone. Open mic is live and anyone can signup to perform. Open Mics can be for music, comedy, poetry, etc. Blacktop Comedy currently offers an open mic for comedians. If you are interested in creating an Open Mic for poetry or music you can contact Paul at a session in a club during which anyone is welcome to sing or perform stand-up comedy.

What Does Run the Light Mean?

             Run the light means going over your allotted time. You will be told before the show begins how much time you will have. You will have up to five minutes.. One minute before your time is over the host or someone in the Tech Booth will light you. 

What Does “Light You” Mean?

            Light you means giving you a signal that you are nearing the end of your time. When you’re onstage minutes can feel like seconds, and it can be very easy to go over your time. To help comics we’ll light you at one minute. It will be a white or red light by the tech booth. It’s important to be present at the beginning of the Open Mic because the host will explain where