Nicole and Friends: Comedy Showcase


Nicole and Friends: Comedy Showcase


Bad Super Heroes presents, Nicole and Friends! This monthly comedy showcase brings together the biggest names in local comedy. The last Sunday of every month catch the rising stars of comedy.

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Featuring: Joe Lopez, Dan Smith, Jordan Quattlebaum, David Thorne, Nicole Eichenberg, and Ameera Nasser

Ages 18+

Tickets are $10 online and $15 at the door.

Dan Smith 

Dan Smith (aka Dan the Can’t Stand Up Comedian) was born in Walnut Creek. He was born with a birth defect called Spina Bifida and has been a paraplegic his whole life. He grew up in the foothills and moved to Sacramento with his then-fiancée (now wife of 12 years) in 2005. Much of his material comes from his experiences spending his life in a wheelchair. He has been performing comedy in clubs, including Punch Line, Laughs Unlimited and Tommy T’s, all over Sacramento, as well as performing in San Francisco and Reno. When he’s not doing comedy, Smith enjoys spending time with his wife Anna and their Boston Terrier Kepi Joe.

Danny Castillo 

Danny Castillo is a Sacramento based comedian performing in shows all around town. He is known as the fittest comedian in town since when he is not on stage telling jokes he is running marathons. 
He brings his high energy to the stage with his views of life, fatherhood, and his tainted past.

Ameera Nasser 

Ameera is a first-generation Arab- American comic that is an LA-based comic that currently resides in the Bay Area. Her unique perspective, different and original style of comedy is second to none. She’s known for bringing out big crowds with her shocking, raw, and real storytelling. She keeps you on your toes begging for more. She covers material from her culture, spot-on impersonations of her lovely mother, growing up, dating, life experiences, spot-on impersonations and acts that leave you red in the face crying from laughter.

Jordan Quattlebaum

Jordan Quattlebaum is has been a stand-up comic for the last 2 years locally in Stockton. When he’s not bagging groceries at your local supermarket you will see him doing comedy anywhere he can. He’s dirty, but he’s also goofy he sometimes will play the ukulele just because.