But, today, back to today.

There are still a handful of tickets available for this Saturday show. If you’re looking for the perfect Rocklin date night come to Shakespeare and Love. You know what, let me amend that. If you’re looking for the best Sacramento date night this Saturday, come check out this fun show! I said it! Love, deceit, maybe even a wedding or two. It’s a Shakespeare comedy…so methinks hookups betwixt pairs shall happen.

In fact, the show has been such a big success, we’re extending the run! We’re adding one more show! Next week. March 12th, Saturday night, 8pm is the final chance to catch Shakespeare and Love. If you have thought to yourself over the last month, “I’d like to get out there and see some improv comedy that utilities the themes of the Shakespeare, but yet keeps it light and consumable for all,” well, you’ve got one more shot. You asked, and we’re happy to deliver!

Hmmmm. I feel like I’m forgetting something quite big and exciting. I feel there’s something happening at Blacktop that people have asked for since we opened.

One second, let me answer the phone.

[Paul picks up space object phone]

“Hello. Yes, this is Blacktop Comedy. Yes, shows are $10. What was that? Do we serve drinks?”

[Paul excitedly hangs up space object phone while declaring]

“EUREKA! That’s it!”

[SCENE] Accept for 4 standing ovations.

Did we mention we’re now serving beer? Yes! You read that correctly. Blacktop Comedy now serves beer. Shout it between the rooftops, ” The Rocklin comedy theater Blacktop Comedy serves beer.” Oh! And, what a collection of ales we have. We have Not Your Father’s Root Beer and Ginger Ale, Laguinatas IPA, Moose Drool, Schofferhofer Grapefruit, and we’re getting some cider too. Maybe you enjoy a drink that says, “I’m doing this ironically?” We’re serving ice-cold Pabst Blue Ribbon too!