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Say this a lot for Damien Chazelle: He reveals his viewers precisely what he’s giving them inside the first jiffy of “Babylon,” his bruised, black-eyed valentine to Hollywood’s sybaritic heyday. In a whopper of a gap quantity, Chazelle movies the supply of an elephant to the property of movie producer Don Wallach (Jeff Garlin), a bravura scene of extravagance and extra that ends with not a number of bit gamers coated in pachyderm waste — recalling the well-known joke concerning the man who cleans up after the circus daily. Requested why he doesn’t give up, he replies with incredulity: “What, and depart present enterprise?”

That’s the animating query of “Babylon,” Chazelle’s lavish, febrile, finally ambiguous portrait of American cinema earlier than the moralizing censors and Wall Avenue moguls bought their mitts on a once-glorious tribe of outlaws, reprobates, perverts and pirates. The louche, lusty pioneers of Chazelle’s admiring creativeness made films on the fly, to not ship a message however to see how far they might push a medium nonetheless in its infancy. Raffish, ungovernable and never slightly unhinged, the early settlers of Twenties Hollywoodland have been, by Chazelle’s reckoning, a motley crew of wackos and visionaries, vulnerable to self-destruction but in addition to hovering flights of inspiration and ecstasy.

Not less than, I suppose that’s “Babylon’s” level? Fairly actually, by the point this muddled, overcrowded, tiresomely digressive journey lastly crashes like so many post-binge hangovers, Chazelle’s level has gotten misplaced in a self-indulgent, manically erratic shuffle. As soon as the elephant is delivered, it turns into the centerpiece of a raging social gathering of unfettered ingesting, drugging, intercourse and a near-death. A fetish-y scene of an chubby man and his younger date recollects the scandalous life and profession of Fatty Arbuckle; the pencil-mustached Jack Conrad (Brad Pitt, in a silky, endearingly delicate flip) is clearly meant to evoke John Garfield; and Nellie LaRoy (Margot Robbie), the cocaine-addled ingenue who’s plucked from obscurity to develop into a star, appears to be based mostly on Mabel Normand.

Cinema nerds will discover loads of comparable parlor-game diversions in “Babylon’s” characters and their real-life analogues. (Is the director Nellie works with based mostly on Dorothy Arzner? Anita Loos? Alice Man-Blaché? Talk about!) However for these not preserving rating at house, Chazelle retains what passes for a story cracking alongside at a breakneck however baggily unstructured pace. Whereas Nellie pursues fame and fortune, Manny Torres, a younger man she befriends at Wallach’s social gathering, will get his personal likelihood to depart elephant element. Performed by newcomer Diego Calva in a efficiency harking back to a youthful Javier Bardem, Manny is the moral heart of a movie that whirls, gyre-like, into the outré reaches of depravity and dissolution.

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Half burlesque, half grotesque, “Babylon” takes its pacey cues and shock results from earlier, a lot better movies: Chazelle doesn’t inform a narrative a lot as string collectively sequences that alternately quote “Goodfellas” and “Boogie Nights,” with out being practically as horrifyingly elegant or cringe-inducingly pleasurable as both. Like “Singin’ within the Rain,” which the filmmaker will quote actually in a climax that’s meant to be a transferring testomony to movie’s endurance as an artwork kind, “Babylon” takes place on the cusp of the sound period, when the license and licentiousness of the silents gave option to the rationalized — and fatally sanitized — manufacturing practices of the talkies. Manny’s huge break comes when he rushes from a distant film location to Los Angeles to exchange a digicam; he will get again simply earlier than the director is about to lose the sunshine, thereby inadvertently discovering magic hour. In a welcome quiet second, a Louella-or-is-it-Hedda-like reporter performed by Jean Good faculties Jack within the methods of swish growing older in a touching speech about obsolescence and eternity.

Such are the romantic touches that give “Babylon” moments of lyrical raise. Elsewhere, it exists in a revisionist dream house during which anarchy and artwork go hand in hand, even because the physique rely piles up and up. Robbie performs Nellie as a creature of insatiable appetites — for fame however most particularly cocaine — whose jittery, tight-jawed power fuels your complete cockeyed caravan. Lewd, lascivious, libidinous, Nellie is the heroine of an image that begins to really feel hectoring in its admiration for her most outrageous antics (the distinction between madcap and mayhem lies solely in a number of random letters, in any case). Let’s put it this manner: When you should see one film this 12 months that includes projectile vomiting as an indictment of the higher courses, make it “Triangle of Sadness.” Conversely, for those who should see one film this 12 months that includes a pointless and seemingly limitless snake-fight scene, “Babylon” is your greatest wager.

Though Jack, Nellie and Manny are the principle protagonists in “Babylon,” Chazelle introduces a 3rd: jazz musician Sidney Palmer (Jovan Adepo), whose travails as an African American in a largely White medium come to an offensively absurdist head when he’s requested to carry out in blackface. Though he’s a welcome addition to the proceedings, Sidney’s storyline will get misplaced in Chazelle’s frantic intercutting, which turns into a case of diminishing returns as “Babylon” reaches its panicky denouement: a scene that includes a ghoulish Tobey Maguire, during which he appears to be channeling “Boogie Nights”-era Alfred Molina by means of “Nightmare Alley.”

By this level, the pleasure seekers decadently partying their method by “Babylon” have appeared to ache for his or her greatest turn-on. The breathless power begins to really feel exponentially extra pressured (and, frankly, disagreeable) the more durable Chazelle works to maintain it. Robbie delivers a fearless portrayal of a lady making an attempt to outrun the forces searching for to cultivate her, however she’s deserted by a narrative that quantities to little greater than a mash-up of moments that, for all their excessive aesthetic and manufacturing worth, really feel shallow and never terribly authentic. Even “Babylon’s” last moments — meant to be Chazelle’s crowning paean to cinema at its most expressive and transporting — can’t convey the hazy stuff-for-stuff’s-sake into focus.

Like so many latest movies — “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” “Belfast,” “The Fabelmans,” “Empire of Light” — “Babylon” desires to pay tribute to the medium that brings us all collectively at midnight. But it surely additionally doesn’t miss a possibility to alienate the viewers at each flip. Which, in a backhanded method, may make it an unintentionally trustworthy portrayal of a medium that has all the time wished to have its coke and snort it, too.

R. At space theaters. Incorporates robust and crude sexual materials, graphic nudity, bloody violence, drug use and pervasive coarse language. 188 minutes.

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