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Leila Philip’s fascination with beavers was sudden. As she recounts in her new ebook, “Beaverland,” all of it started with a neighborhood of beavers close to her house in Woodstock, Conn. She grew to become intrigued by their “chunky and awkward” our bodies, the which means of their tails slapping in opposition to water and their ferocious work ethic. She and her canine grew to become common guests to their pond.

“I felt virtually uneasy about my obsession with the beavers, as if I had fallen into what was now a widely known trope in American nature writing,” Philip writes, “a girl of a sure age journeying into the pure world to find solace. However my beavers had been so utterly decided, how might I not fall for them?”

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And so, she finds herself one of many converts, simply the most recent “American eccentric” to throw herself into the research of beavers. However Philip is just not the typical nature author. She as soon as moved to Japan to study conventional pottery, and in “Beaverland” she once more joins a brand new tradition with an anthropologist’s curiosity.

One in every of her guides is a trapper, who teaches her to pores and skin a beaver. She additionally traces the outdated fur trade route so far as the Pacific, and meets conservationists attempting to work with beavers on river preservation. Utilizing historic maps and descriptions, she finds her method to a beaver pond that’s centuries-old.

The world she introduces to the reader is fascinating, each on scientific and historic ranges. Biologically talking, beavers must be pretty dim based mostly on their brain-to-body ratio, however their teamwork and focus, in addition to knack for engineering, recommend in any other case.

Their intuition for constructing is so deeply ingrained, after they hear working water — even a recording of the sound — they run towards the supply and begin constructing a dam. Their dams shield the doorway to their lodges, and they’ll seize something, from sticks and dust to hubcaps and items of cable, to patch a leak.

In line with Philip, beavers are a “keystone species,” with out which different species would certainly perish. They assist forestall catastrophic floods by damming rivers and tributaries, which in flip create wetlands that assist a various ecosystem. And beaver meadows — the wetlands created by runoff from beaver ponds — assist retain water within the soil, permitting vegetation to outlive via droughts.

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Philip additionally delves into the historical past of human-beaver relations in Europe and North America. The significance of beaver fur as a commodity within the nineteenth century is difficult to overstate.

America’s first multimillionaire, Philip notes, was Johann Jacob Astor, who made his fortune by shopping for beaver skins in North America and promoting them on the profitable London market. (In honor of the supply of Astor’s wealth, a beaver graces the Astor Place subway station tiles.)

Again then, beaver fur hats had been worn in all places and beaver castor — the wax from beaver glands — was in excessive demand. “The lure of the entice line was appreciable; within the early 1800s a fur trapper made forty instances the each day pay charge of the standard farm employee again east,” Philip writes. Because of this, beavers had been largely cleared out of many states, solely to be reintroduced within the twentieth century.

However the beavers got here again to a special world.

Fur, as soon as a serious trade in North America, has grow to be a unusual interest. At one fur public sale at a VFW in central New York, Philip sees pelts offered alongside taxidermied animals. “On the finish of 1 desk, a number of bobcats frozen entire appear to be prowling,” she writes. “And within the nook is the pile of winter mink that Henry VIII would have snatched if he had been right here, given his greed for advantageous ermine. A collective frisson fills the room; the air tastes electrical. That is what stays of the historic North American fur commerce.”

Pelts right this moment promote for a fraction of what they might have many years in the past, if they’ll discover patrons in any respect.

Nonetheless, beavers proceed to the touch our lives in massive and small methods we could not discover. You will have even eaten beaver castor. The ingredient, thought-about a “pure meals additive,” will be present in meals starting from vanilla pudding to strawberry Twizzlers.

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Regardless of our lengthy intertwined historical past, beavers stay mysterious creatures (since they don’t have necks, they’ll’t be fitted with radio collars to be tracked within the wild).

Philip explains that the Algonquin known as beavers “the underwater folks”: each like us and in contrast to us. “I considered beavers as an enigma, a relentless reminder that there was a world below that water I might by no means absolutely know.” This lyrical exploration is a portal for readers to enter into the mysteries of that world themselves.

Katrina Gulliver is a historian and author.

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