Workshop: Emote Control
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Musicians have instruments, but actors only have their emotions. Improvisers often put pressure to come up with funny words and phrases. That is unnecessary and often damaging to a show. Rely on your emotions to connect with your scene partners and the audience. Even the funniest person will eventually run out of things to say, but you'll never run out of emotional reactions.

Instructor Rich Baker

Overall, Rich likes to be goofy and fun and tends to not enjoy being bored. He loves many things: science, comedy, movies, TV, video games, dogs (specifically his dog Maggie), comic books and much more. He’s worked as an actor/entertainer his whole adult life and because of that has gotten paid to go all across the US, the Caribbean islands, parts of Mexico, Belize and many other fun locales.

He first experienced improvisation in 1999 and hasn’t looked back yet. First, he took classes with Fort Worth’s famous comedy troupe Four Day Weekend. He went on to co-found TCU’s first and only (still running) improv troupe Senseless Acts of Comedy. After graduation he performed improv in Dallas with ComedySportz, PaceCar and Kidney Punch. In 2005 Rich moved to Chicago where he studied at the iO Theatre and Second City. During his time in the Windy City Rich performed with ComedySportz Chicago, Second City Theatricals, Mission Improvable, The Comedy Shrine, Laugh Out Loud, and WNEP Theatre just to name a few. Since moving to L.A. in 2014 Rich has taught and performed at the West Side Comedy Theatre and Second City Hollywood in addition to co-writing/performing Nerdology – a comedy interactive trivia show, and coaching several independent comedy troupes.