Anatomy Of A Character – Dramatic Improv Workshop

Anatomy Of A Character – Dramatic Improv


7:00pm - 9:00pm 

With David Blue Garrison

Nothing kills an improvised scene more than an actor whose only intention is to deliver their brilliant punchline/sound-bite with no consideration for the context of the scene or the other characters in it. Arguably, a wrecking ball smashing through the stage wall may be worse, but I believe I’d prefer the latter. What gives an improvised scene quality, is a group of actors listening to each other, adapting to each other’s choices with a solid understanding of their own character and performance. In scripted work, acting is reacting and that’s even truer when you are creating dialogue on the spot.

The circumstance of improvising dialogue, plot, setting and time in front of a live audience lends itself to comedy because of the unexpected results. Especially when adding further parameters to your performers to challenge and stretch their abilities which can lead to unexpected results in scenes and lots and lots of laughing. But what happens when we remove the lens of comedy and focus more on the improvisation of the plot, the development of the characters with no intention to find the funny and to only find the story?

In this workshop you’ll gain:

  • Skills to better develop characters for your scripted and non-scripted work.

  • Chemistry building between actors in a troupe or in a production.

  • A process to create a character that utilizes who you are, but also a systematic approach to building a persona that is not you, to best suit the role.


Drop in sessions on Wednesdays at 7pm. Workshop ranges from 60-90 minutes.

Workshop Materials

Leave each session with prepared notes and instructed exercises to continue your dramatic improvisation exploration on your own.

Ideas & Exercises

Practice and learn various techniques to further develop your characters for scripted work as well as improvisation.

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