A five week class.

When: Wednesdays from 5:00-6:15
Where: Blacktop Comedy 3101 Sunset Blvd. #6a Rocklin, CA 95677
Who: Students aged 12 and up who want to have a great time.

Social Thinking and Improv

Social interactions involve more than saying “hello” or answering a question.
Social encounters are complex interactions that involve taking another persons
perspective and understanding their emotions and intentions, often from one
moment to the next, and responding in a way that makes sense to their
communicative partner.

Social thinking is understanding the many ways in which we do this. The skills
one needs to effectively engage with others, parents, peers, employers, customers

Improvisation is the art of performing without preparation or planning. Of
being in the ‘moment’, interpreting what is happening around you and responding.
Improv IS social thinking for the fun of it!

Please join us as we kick off a very special 5 week improv class for those who
want to further develop their understanding of the social world through the
practice of improv.