Navy Joan Roberts

Who is Navy Joan Roberts – 7 Hidden Facts About Her

Navy Joan Roberts is the seventh grandchildren of the American current President Joe Biden. Joe Biden is a politician and 46th President of the United States. Navy Joan Roberts was born on 29 November 2018. Her parents’ names are Lunden Roberts and Hunter Biden. People are often curious about the seventh grandchildren of the United States President as the information about her is under the veil.   

  1. The early life of Navy Joan Roberts

Navy Joan Roberts was born on 29 November 2018 in Arkansas in the United States. Her parents met at Mpire club back in the year 2017 and somehow they briefly met with each other and her mother Lunden Roberts got pregnant. She kept her pregnancy a secret initially. But when she told Hunter Biden about it he refused to accept her pregnancy. That made Lunden Roberts aggressive and she filed a case in the court against Hunter Biden for child support. Moreover, Hunter Biden officially married 1993 Kathleen Buhle and had three daughters together. Their names are Maisy Hunter Biden, Finnegan Hunter Biden, and Naomi Hunter Biden. But they got divorced from each other in 2017. After two years of divorce, Hunter Biden married Melissa Cohen. Melissa Cohen is a filmmaker and they have a cute little son who was born in 2020 named Bean Hunter Biden. So, eventually, Navy Joan Roberts has four step-siblings from her father’s side. Her father Hunter Biden was a member of the board of Burisma Holdings which are the biggest manufacturer of gas in Ukraine. He also worked with the army of the United States and they posted him as Chief Commissioner. Joe Biden attended the appointing ceremony with his son Hunter Biden in the White House but when the army tested the drug test Hunter Biden, it came positive and they immediately discharged Hunter Biden from this post. Eventually, Navy Joan Biden is an American national as she was born in the United States. 

  1. Bio of Navy Joan Roberts

Full Name Navy Joan Roberts
Gender Female
Father Hunter Biden
Mother Lunden Roberts
Grandparents Rob Roberts, Kimberly Roberts
Date of Birth 28 November 2018
Siblings Maisy Hunter Biden, Finnegan Hunter Biden, Naomi Hunter Biden, Bean Hunter Biden
Birth Place Arkansas, the United States
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Age 4 Years
Height Not Known
Weight Not Known
Nationality American
Eye Colour Not Known
Hair Colour Blonde
Religion Christianity
Marital status Not Married
Children None
Net worth Unknown
Social Media Presence None


  1. Relation of Navy Joan Roberts with Joe Biden family 

Navy Joan Roberts

Apart from the denial from her father Hunter Biden, the four years old little child lives with her mother Lunden Roberts, and her family in a rural area of Arkansas. When President Biden won the general election and announced his victory he called all his six grandchildren on the stage. But the seventh grandchildren Navy Joan Roberts – 2 years old cute little child at that time – was missing from that ceremony. Until now, the Child’s name, location, and gender were unrevealed but according to the sources, it is confirmed that Navy Joan Roberts is living a happy life with her family far from US world politics. Until August 2020, the child’s identity was kept under complete secrecy as Lunden Roberts’s sister Randi Jo shared a beautiful photo of the toddler on social media sites. It is believed that Hunter Biden settled the paternity case with Hunter Roberts for $2.5 million when the DNA test was come positive and Hunter Biden proved the biological and legal father of the Navy Joan Roberts. But this news of the settling amount is not from authentic sources. Lunden Roberts claimed that Navy Joan Roberts’s father never came to meet her nor did he see her photo ever.

  1. Navy Joan Roberts Family

Hunter Biden

Navy Joan Roberts lives with her mother Lunden Roberts’s family in a small four bedrooms cabin-style home in Arkansas with Lunden Roberts’s parents Rob Roberts and Kimberly Roberts. Lunden Roberts is a 31 years old young woman. Grandpa Rob is 60 years old running a gun customization business, and his wife Kimberly is 59 years old, and also a working woman. Lunden Roberts bought a three bedrooms family home from the first installment of the settlement of about $200000. 

  1. Lunden Roberts’s Ex- fiancé

Lunden Roberts’s cage fighter ex-fiancé Princeton Foster threatened her along with her family. According to the sources, Lunden Roberts told the news reporters that Joe Biden refused to provide any security to the lovechild of Hunter Biden. So, she requested the cops to provide her protection. She also told that her ex-fiancé smashed a dent in her car, cut her security camera wires, and threatened her with her four-year little daughter. A friend of Roberts said, we often heard that President Biden loves his grandchildren very much but if this is true he would certainly do anything for the protection of his seventh grandchildren. Roberts said in her statement to the cops that” I need this order because I am scared of what Princeton might do to me and my daughter … I am also aware he carries a firearm daily.”   

  1. Schooling of Navy Joan Roberts

The initial schooling of the Navy Joan Roberts is unknown as her mother Lunden Roberts keeps her daughter far from the public eyes. What we know is only that Navy Joan Roberts and her mother are living in Arkansas.

  1. Presence on Social Media sites 

Navy Joan Roberts is a four-year small child. At that time she is unaware of social media sites. However, in August 2020, her aunt Randi Jo shared her photo with herself on Facebook but the Navy’s face did not show in that photo too. 

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