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Kevin Grandalski – 6 Unknown Facts About Marlee Matlin’s Husband

Kevin Grandalski is the husband of famous American actress Marlee Matlin. Besides being an actress Marlee Maltin is a producer and activist by profession. She made her acting debut with the romantic television series “Children of a Lesser God” playing the role of Sarah Norman. Due to this role, she won the “Oscar Award” for best supporting role. Do you want to know more about Marlee Matlin and her husband Kevin Grandalski then stay with us on this blog.

Who is Kevin Grandalski?

As we told you above that Kevin Grandalski is the husband of Marlee Maltin. He is a police officer by profession although he retired from the police force back in 2017. According to the sources, he graduated from California State University. His date of birth is not confirmed but it is believed that he celebrates his birthday on 13 February each year. It is assumed that he is between his fifties and sixties.  

Kevin Grandalski’s Wiki

Full Name Kevin Grandalski
Profession Police officer
Famous For Husband of Marlee Matlin
Date of wedding 29 August 1993
Children Sarah Rose, Brandon Joseph, Tyler Daniel, and Isabelle Jane
Birth Place Not Known
Zodiac Sign Not Known
Age Between the fifties or sixties
Ethnicity White
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Net worth $1 million
Social Media Presence Not known


The first meeting of Kevin Grandalski with Marlee Maltin 

Kevin Grandalski

Marlee Maltin first met with Kevin Grandalski in June 1991 at the Los Angles street corner. Kevin Grandalski was on duty and directing the traffic whereas Marlee Maltin was shooting a scene for her drama series “Reasonable Doubts”. At first, Kevin was unaware that she is an actress but when someone introduced her to him then he came to know that she is a famous actress. It was a casual meeting then after seven months they met again by chance, it was the time when their love story started. Then both of them fell for each other and began an official relationship. After starting their relationship they went on an official date at Los Angeles Park for a picnic lunch. After two years of their relationship on 13 February, 1993 Kevin Grandalski proposed to her with a diamond ring. She said YES. And then they got married in the same year on 23 August in a small intimate wedding ceremony.     

Short Bio of Marlee Maltin

marlee matlin

Marlee Maltin was born on 24 August 1965 in Morton Grove, Illinois, United States. She is a former member of the Board of Directors of the Corporation for National and Community Service of the United States of America. She lost her hearing when she was 18 years old with a high fever. She is the first female deaf actress who won the academy and golden global Awards. She won the academy award in 1987 at the age of 21. After that, she did an excellent job of balancing her career and her family. Although, she was unseen in the Hollywood industry for a couple of years. Now, she is back as a producer, after 35 years of Oscar-winning. She is the executive producer of a live-action web series “Feeling Through”. In this web series, the hero is a blind, deaf, homeless young boy who met his soulmate at a bus station in New York City. It is the first film that features a leading hero blind and deaf. “It’s about connections. It’s about not judging each other. It’s about not being afraid of each other,” Matlin told ABC 7’s, George Pennacchio. “It really brings out the best in the viewer, maybe not even realizing it.” Matlin’s friend, Jack Jason, is also a co-producer of this web series said in an interview: “You don’t see these kinds of projects very often and we have produced a couple of projects in the past but this one is so unique and I knew it was time for Marlee to get back into the Oscar game,” Jason added. 

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Marriage life of Kevin Grandalski and Marlee Maltin

Marlee Matlin husband

 Kevin and Marlee are happily married for 29 years. In an interview back in 2018 Marlee said about her husband: “He’s not Jewish, but I believe that we can share our beliefs in a household together. We celebrate both holidays, and we were married by both a rabbi and a priest on the front lawn at Henry Winkler’s house.” They have four children together whose they are raising very well together. Their oldest daughter is Sarah Rose Grandalski who was born on 19 January 1996. As Marlee is deaf all her family members including her children use a mixture of sign and speech-language. Their second child, a son, Brandon Joseph Grandalski was born on 12 September 2000. He kept his social media account private, so very little information was available about him. As per the sources, he is a student at Marquette University for Digital Studies. Their third child Tylor Daniel Grandalski was born on 18 July 2002. His Instagram handler is open to the public and it seems like he loves fashion greatly although he is planning to get admission to San Deigo State University. The youngest child of Marlee’s clan is Isabelle Jane Grandalski who was born on 26 December 2003 and is the sweetheart of her family. In short, Kevin Grandalski’s family is as loving as you think.     

The net worth of Kevin Grandalski 

As Kevin Grandalski is a policeman, he has a minimum net worth of approximately $1 million. Even at the time of their marriage, Kevin was not much rich. They got married in Henry Winkler’s residence and it was a small wedding ceremony, not a lavish one. On the other hand, Marlee’s net worth is approximately $15 million which is a good net worth as compared to Kevin but when love is the first priority money does not matter.

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