Who is John Karston Bryant? 5 Unknown Hidden Facts About Him

It seems that what Paster Bryant said on Facebook Live revealed in his Facebook Live on the 14th of April appears to be interested in the minds of many who want to find out the real John Karston Bryant.

He stated:

“Crazy and untrustworthy bloggers went on without any realities, no proof, and may I add, no reality to create unfounded charges that I had fathered a kid in April, May, February, January, here in Atlanta. I was also keeping this youngster (named John Karston Bryant) hidden from some Atlanta mother or in my church. “

“If it were only for me, I could just put up with it, ignore it, and go on, but I have to think about my daughters, who are now of the online age, who have to read these lies by quitters, who produce things without bounds.”

On Instagram the same day, he posted another comment on Instagram, he criticized “bloggers who produce false news with no proof. “

“Congratulations!!” He said. The legal documents you’ve been given aren’t fake! “You have 72 hours… “

What was the Real Background Story?

So Readers, here we have found some fresh!

According to reports that The Reverend Jamal H. Bryant recently hosted a baby with an unknown woman, who is not his former girlfriend and his current one The real Housewives of Potomac star Gizelle Bryant!

Are you shocked to read that?

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According to sources that the renegade minister’s presumed newborn child’s mother is a part at his parish. Bryant serves as the church’s pastor. Stonecrest in Atlanta’s New Birth Baptist Church.

The time the Bishop Eddie Long died of cancer in the year 2017, Bryant chose Empowerment Temple AME Church in Baltimore to assume the responsibilities at New Birth.

What Instagram Post is Telling us?

“Pastor Jamal Bryant and his “Secret Lady” are believed that they delivered their new baby successfully? To the mother of the baby I send a late Mother’s Day greeting. I’m curious to see what happens once the church opens again. Are you sure that she’ll be sitting on the front row as did Lady First Lady? What is the role you think Gizelle will play in the near future? This seems to be somewhat extreme. 

John Karston Bryant

Source: https://static-thechristianpost.netdna-ssl.com/news/pastor-jamal-bryant-allegedly-fathered-son-out-of-wedlock-last-summer-163663/

The baby of Pastor Bryant’s was not born in the course of his union with Gizelle According to the report. Their seven-year marriage ended in 2009 as a result of his adultery as well as his birth of a second child.

who are you? John Kaston Bryant?

Gizelle and Jamal Gizelle and Jamal, who are again together have 3 children at High School: Grace, Angel, and Adore twins. Bryan has admitted to being with Latoya Odom, a member of the church who was 34 when she had a baby son with them, John Karston Bryant, in the year 2016. According to one blog, Bryant reportedly instructed the woman to cut the baby’s hair shorter.

John Karston Bryant
Source: https://static-thechristianpost.netdna-ssl.com/news/pastor-jamal-bryant-allegedly-fathered-son-out-of-wedlock-last-summer-163663/

In 2017 Odom claimed to have demanded the arrest of Bryant because he had failed to pay the court-ordered child support, and he did not provide her with his location for the child’s medical treatment.

Gizelle stated she as well as Pastor Jamal reunited during the RHOP Season 4 reunion the prior autumn.

What’s Interesting Here?

According to the sources, co-host and super pastor of “The Preachers” TV series Jamal Bryant was held in contempt of the court for not being able to secure medical protection for his child and for not paying the fees. He is currently ordered to pay off his debts as quickly as feasible by an authorized authority.

Here are the most recent results, too!

The appointed authority was notified on June 6, with his decision regarding the issue.

Bryant’s child mama (LaToya Odom) identified a variety of problems in her request, such as Bryant’s inability to pay child support in time as well as his inability to offer insurance for catastrophe and clinical care as well as his inability to cover 75 percent of the uninsured medical expenses.

John Karston Bryant

He discovered that Bryant did not pay his child’s child support right away after looking into the facts. In the end the investigator realized that he’d failed to secure medical and catastrophe insurance for the child in addition to paying 75 percent of costs for medical treatment.

Bryant was told for $2,240.19 plus $1,018.12 to total $3,258.31 After which Bryant would be exempt from ridicule.

In a legal dispute against Baby Mama and Baby Mama, the Super Preacher Jamal Bryant was found in contempt.

Here’s the story of how it all began:

LaToya Omoy filed a lawsuit against Bryant in which she sought child support and support for their child, John Karston Bryant, who was born in the year 2015. She was searching for medical treatment that was both needed as well as legal.


Bryant impressed the mother of his child, pretending that he was the father, and paying child support trying to solve the issues in the court. However, he claimed that because of her outburst that he had to stop making support and made the decision that he would let an adjudicator make the final decision.

LaToya interviewed the pastor of an megachurch in the Baltimore area. He said that he was having a great experience on television. He earns millions of dollars through television appearances, book agreements or individual appearances as well as digital recordings.

The Court Case

The mother of John Karston Bryant came to an agreement regarding the matter in November. Bryant was granted an appearance in court and LaToya was granted vital authority. Child support amounts were determined by the public, but he was ordered to cover his daughter’s mother’s $13,500 legal cost.

Bryant responded by asking the adjudicator to not imprison his for hate, while saying that he had not violated the court’s order.

Minister Jamal Bryant Speaks Out on the Baby Debate God isn’t finished with me just yet.’

What Is Jamal Bryant Married Now?

Latoya Shawntee, 34 years old California woman, recently admitted in an untrue and misleading article in Obnoxious Television that she had an encounter sexual with Bryant which resulted in her becoming pregnant. Bryant claimed to have asked her to end the pregnancy, but she declined and was able to give birth to a baby that was named John Karston Bryant in July according to official reports that were mentioned in the report.

In an unanticipated conclusion to the case following the revelations open to the public Bryant stated in a Periscope chat among his fans on the night of Thursday that his lawyer suggested that he not provide any information to the general public.

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