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Who is John Karston Bryant? 4 Hidden Facts About Him

What Paster Bryant has said on Facebook live on Thursday is seemingly attractive to many people out there who are curious to know, who is John Karston Bryant.

He said:

“Crazy and untrustworthy bloggers went on without any realities, no proof, and may I add, no reality to create unfounded charges that I had fathered a kid in April, May, February, January, here in Atlanta. I was also keeping this youngster (named John Karston Bryant) hidden from some Atlanta mother or in my church.”

“If it were only for me, I could just put up with it, ignore it, and go on, but I have to think about my daughters, who are now of the online age, who have to read these lies by quitters, who produce things without bounds.”

On Instagram, he said again, criticizing “bloggers who produce false news with no proof.”

“Congratulations!!” he said. Those legal documents you were served are not faked! “You have 72 hours… “

What Was the Actual Story Behind?

John Karston Bryant

So, readers, here we found some crisp!

According to rumors, Reverend Jamal H. Bryant recently invited a child with a woman who is NOT his former and current girlfriend, Real Housewives of Potomac star Gizelle Bryant!

Shocked to read that?

Read this too.

According to insiders, the renegade minister’s presumed new child’s mother is a member of his church. Bryant is the pastor of Stonecrest, Georgia’s New Birth Baptist Church.

When Bishop Eddie Long died of cancer in 2017, Bryant chose Empowerment Temple AME Church in Baltimore to take over at New Birth.

What Instagram Post is Telling us? 

“Pastor Jamal Bryant and his “Secret Lady” are said to have delivered their NEW BABY successfully? To the new mom, a belated Mother’s Day greeting. I’m interested to see what happens after the church reopens. Do you think she’ll sit in the first row, just like the First Lady? What role do you think Gizelle will have in the future? This appears to be a bit extreme.”

Pastor Bryant’s first child was not born outside of his marriage to Gizelle, according to the story. Their seven-year marriage was broken in 2009 due to his adultery and the birth of a side kid.

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Who is John Karston Bryant?

Gizelle and Jamal, who are now back together, have three kids in high school: Grace, Angel, and Adore, twins. Bryan admits to dating Latoya Shawntee Odom, a 34-year-old church member who gave birth to their son, John Karston Bryant, in 2016. According to one blogger, Bryant instructed the lady to cut the child’s hair short.

In 2017, Odom reportedly demanded Bryant’s arrest after he failed to pay court-ordered child support and refused to provide her with his whereabouts for their child’s clinical treatment.

Gizelle said that she and Pastor Jamal reunited during the RHOP Season 4 reunion the previous fall.

What is Interesting Here?

According to sources, the super pastor and co-star of ‘The Preachers’ television show Jamal Bryant were held in contempt of court for failing to get clinical protection for his child and failing to pay costs. Currently, he has been ordered to clear his debts as soon as possible by an authorized body.

And here are the recent findings, too!

The designated authority returned on June 6th with his decision on the subject.

Bryant’s kid mother (LaToya Odom) highlighted many difficulties in the request, including Bryant’s failure to pay child support on time, his inability to provide clinical and catastrophe protection, and his inability to pay 75 percent of uninsured clinical expenditures.

He found Bryant didn’t pay his child support immediately after examining the facts. In any event, he discovered that he had failed to get clinical and disaster protection for his child, as well as to pay for 75% of the clinical expenditures.

Bryant was asked to pay $2,240.19 plus $1,018.12 for a grand total of $3,258.31, after which he would be free of ridicule.

In a legal battle with Baby Mama, Super Preacher Jamal Bryant was found in contempt.

Here’s how it all started:

LaToya Odom filed a lawsuit against Bryant, claiming child support and care for their little child, John Karston Bryant, who was born in 2015. She was on the lookout for medical attention that was both necessary and legal.

Bryant made an impression on his child’s mother by claiming to be the father and paying child support, wanting to resolve the difficulties outside of court. Nonetheless, he said that as a result of her provocation, he stopped paying the payments and decided to let the adjudicator decide.

LaToya shot the founder of a megachurch in the Baltimore area, and he stated he was having a good time on TV. He earns millions through book agreements, TV appearances, individual appearances, and digital recordings.

Court Case:

John karston Bryant mother reached an agreement over the matter in November. Bryant was given an appearance and LaToya was given vital actual authority. The general public set the amount of child support, yet he was asked to fund his kid’s mother’s $13,500 legal expense.

Bryant replied by pleading with the adjudicator not to imprison him for hatred, claiming that he had not defied the court’s request.

Minister Jamal Bryant Speaks Out on the Baby Debate: ‘God isn’t done with me yet.’

Who is Jamal Bryant Married to Now?

jamal Bryant

Latoya Shawntee Odom, a 34-year-old California woman, recently claimed in an indecent and selective report on Obnoxious Television that she had a sexual encounter with Bryant that resulted in her being pregnant. Bryant allegedly asked that she terminate the pregnancy, but she refused and gave birth to a child named John Karston Bryant in July, according to official records cited in the story.

In an unexpected resolution to the matter after the allegations were made public, Bryant said in a Periscope discussion with his followers on Thursday night that his counsel advised him not to provide any details to the outer public.

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