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NASA’s InSight lander on Mars and the Juno orbiter at Jupiter have new leases on life. From a report: The spacecraft are anticipated to proceed gathering information about their respective planetary targets throughout their newly prolonged missions, permitting scientists to be taught extra about seismic exercise on Mars and switch their consideration to the moons of Jupiter. Juno’s mission has been prolonged to September 2025 or every time its life ends with a crash into Jupiter’s environment. InSight will proceed its mission to check Mars’ geology and seismic exercise from the Martian floor by way of December 2022. Each missions are anticipated to make good use of their prolonged time at Jupiter and Mars. InSight’s further two years will see the spacecraft gather extra information on marsquakes to assist create a long-term dataset that scientists can seek advice from for years to come back, based on NASA. Juno will broaden the scope of its research to look at Jupiter’s rings and moons together with flybys of Ganymede, Europa and Io.Learn extra of this story at Slashdot.

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