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How To Start A Fire In A Fire Pit – A Proven Guide

If you’ve recently purchased a fire pit and are wondering how to start a fire in a fire pit, you’re in the right place. In this article, we are going to discuss how to ignite a fire – the important steps, measure you need to take, and the basic knowledge required to carry out this task successfully. Don’t worry, this step by step guide will make your life easier. 

Having to start a wood fire is a life skill that can help you survive in extreme conditions if in case you find yourself stuck in unannounced calamities. Whether you’re at a campsite, ready to roast marshmallows or keep yourself warm, igniting a fire in a fire pit is something that will surely come in use someday. You can use fire-started logs to learn more about the process to try your luck for the first time. But slowly and gradually, you will start exploring your way with standard pit wood too. 

Now, if you’re thinking that all you need to do is learn how to create or ignite a fire and life will be easy, you’re missing out on the most important part. You cannot just leave a fire burning when you’re done or have to leave the site, you must put it out as well. And you cannot just put it out in any random way. There is a certain skill you need to acquire to ensure that you’ve put out the fire properly and that there’s no harm or foul. If you do not put out the fire properly and there are flames still sprouting, it is going to be tough for you to control these untended flames that can easily spread via wood, grass, trees, and plants. In certain situations, these flames also reach your house which will not be a pleasant experience. If you want to start a wood fire, or more precisely the perfect fire, you need to know how to put it out as well.

 Now, there are chances that the fire burning in the wood fire pits seems to be put out and taken care of. You must remember that they will have enough heat to re-ignite wood, grass, leaves, or any plants around them and the situation can turn anytime. 

Wondering how to light a fireplace? There’s no need to be nervous about this step; all you need to do is follow these instructions precisely and ensure that you remember them in the future if the need arises. You can simply save this post for more fire pit ideas

Things To Take Care Of Before You Learn How To Start A Fire In A Fireplace 

Before getting down to the details, you must ensure that it is legal to have a small or large fire pit in your area. At all times, you must keep a bucket of water handy around the fire pit table and have a fire extinguisher in case of emergencies. Keep in mind that it takes around 20 minutes for firewood logs to completely extinguish. Lastly, ensure the surroundings of the fire pit are clean and that there are no leaves, twigs, grass, or anything that can catch fire and create unwanted scenarios. Let’s go step-by-step:

Step 1: Look For Small And Dry Materials For Tinder

 If you think that putting a few logs together and burning them with a match will bear optimum results, you’re highly mistaken. You will need something smaller that can catch fire easily. So instead of going around and trying your luck with firewood logs, you can just buy a pack of fire starter wood and start from there. You can also look for dry materials that can help build the fire or light a fireplace, like dry leaves, twigs, shredded tree bark, newspaper (any type of paper), etc. Fire Starter wood kits are your best bet given that you’re a first-timer. It’s easy-to-use and guarantees results. The only drawback is that you end up paying for things that you can easily find around your site for free.

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Step 2: Identifying Dry Material For Kindling 

Flames can be started with tinder but without kindling, the fire can die out pretty quickly and for big logs to catch fire and ignite is extremely difficult. You can also purchase items for kindling at stores. They are easily available and you do not have to go through the process of trial and error. These bundles are usually paired with flammable resins in the market. You can typically find these twigs and dry flammable things in the market too for free. These materials will not burn as well as the store brought inflammable but they are free. 

Step 3: Building The Fire With Wood, Tinder and Kindling 

What are the fundamentals of creating a fire or what is the most important thing when starting a fire? Come on, think hard and go back to your science classes. That’s right, it is oxygen. Without a proper oxygen supply, fire is not going to last. Hence, if there is not an adequate supply of oxygen, the fire is going to be rendered useless as it will keep going out. This is why you need to ensure that you build the fire properly. You can build the fire in a teepee, cross, or log cabin structure. Wood burning fire pits are perfect to light a fireplace easily.

Step 4: Ignite 

Once you’re confident that you’ve built the fire set-up right, it is time to ignite the fire. You can use a match stick or a lighter to ignite the fire. To ensure that everything burns through well, you can light the fire from all sides. This will give you an even burn. 

Step 5: Maintaining And Monitoring The Fire 

Now all you have to do is ensure that everything is burning well. Keep a poker stick in handy whenever you need to turn pieces around. If you want an area to burn better, just blow on it as oxygen will speed up the process. Also, break all the big pieces once they start burning and make sure that the fire is burning evenly. 

Step 6: Putting Out The Fire 

Once you’re done, put out the fire 20 minutes prior so that it completely settles down. You can douse the fire pit with water to make sure everything is extinguished and use your poker stick to check if there is any steam emerging. Do this only if you do not need the fire pit for the next few days. If you’re going to use it again soon, do not soak it in water. Just sprinkle water, use your stick to move things around and sprinkle enough water for them to stop burning. 

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