How Do I Optimize My Search Engine Results on YouTube?

To begin, the material should be of a high standard and should be fascinating, easily understood, and involve the reader. The following concepts are helpful strategies to develop material of high quality.

  1. Interviews: While some channels are dedicated exclusively to this format, you are free to include interviews alongside any other videos you upload. To further enhance the visibility of your brand, it may also be beneficial for representatives of your firm to participate in interviews conducted by other media outlets.
  2. Reviews: When written in this manner, it is simple to discuss the merits of the products and services that your company provides to its customers.
  3. Explanations: The phrase “how to…” is used in the vast majority of YouTube searches. Users look for content that can explain something to them that they themselves do not comprehend. Videos, as opposed to writing, are typically easier to comprehend for most people.


The following are some of the best practices for YouTube SEO Consultant related content.

# 1 Encourage viewers to watch further videos on the channel.

These suggestions will help you grow your following and attract new subscribers:

Leave the cliffhangers till the very end. This is a technique for breaking off at the most fascinating point. The user is fascinated and wishes to learn more. At the same time, the intrigue should not be related to the primary theme – if you do not answer the question that is the major topic of the video, the audience will not benefit and will conclude that the secret will most likely not be revealed in the future issue.

Make numerous video segments. Subscribers can then watch the videos as episodes of the series. They must also be published on the same weekday.

Other videos on the channel are linked. It can be new publications (“this is what we will talk about next week”) as well as older ones (“by the way, we already created a video on this topic, the link is here” – and add a tooltip). There is also the option to include recommended videos at the end of videos.


This covers SEO keyword work as well as less visible tasks like subtitles and video files.

# 2 Select the Appropriate Keywords

Keyword research is the first step in YouTube video SEO. Criteria for them include:


Keywords must be related to the topic.

Concentrate on the target audience:

If your brand is very specialized, concentrate on the types of people who seek out your specialty. If you offer Fuji cameras, for example, it is better to use the term “purchase a Fuji camera” rather than “buy a camera.”

Real individuals look for content on YouTube for these key terms.

# 3 Search for keywords and video themes on YouTube.

A fast YouTube search is the quickest way to find keywords. Begin typing the inquiry to see what similar searches the platform provides.

  • Furthermore, in the statistics section (YouTube search report), YouTube provides the Traffic Source, which displays which terms viewers used to reach your content. The platform does not provide official YouTube SEO consultant services for keyword searches, but it is a useful Google tool.
  • After entering the topic of interest, pick YouTube Search in the filters to work with the service for YouTube SEO. The tool will display the issue’s popularity on a chart, the dispersion of interest in the topic by city and state, and related keywords.
  • Similar algorithms and functionalities are used by other services, such as YouTube Ranker. Select your own settings, interface, and brand authority in your preferred tool.

#4 Pay attention to the keywords of your competition.

It’s especially helpful if you’re fresh to check what material is already being posted in your niche. Navigating, on the other hand, does not imply entirely replicating themes. Examine the most intriguing themes. Make a search on YouTube or Google, for example, to observe how many results the systems provide. It might be best to select a topic with fewer results. There is a better possibility of reaching the top when there is less competition. More information on this issue can be found in the article SEO Competitive Analysis.

# 5 Title Optimization

The title is the sole text displayed in the search results, and it can inform users about the movie before they click on it.

There are two basic header requirements:

  • It should include the core keyword. The most relevant and intelligible term is the main keyword.
  • It should briefly explain the video’s merits. The title should elicit the response “yeah, that’s exactly what I was looking for.”

The title can only be 60 characters long. It is preferable to utilize at least 5 words.

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