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Picking the right paint for your home isn’t just about using a uniform color. Using tape, string or a steady hand is one way to provide more creative and interesting wall painting in Dubai or home decor ideas. All of these techniques are easy for beginners, and can also be accomplished in a few hours or over the weekend.

Blue paint in bathroom DIY ombre wall is one of the most beautiful and practical wall paint ideas available. Stunning in a bathroom and likely to wow in a living room or bedroom, whatever tone you choose. Simply gather a few cans of your favorite paint colors as well as your most trusted paintbrushes.

  • Pink paint with flair

This cool sleeping room is brought to life by geometric designs and electric hues painted on a headboard. Also nodding to other brightly colored elements in the space.

  • Paint color match with furniture

If you have a favorite statement piece in your space, you may use the same color on the walls to make it pop even more. To make it pop, use a color blocking technique.

  • Paint a border 

For a more modern look, remove the wallpaper borders and paint your own instead. The pink complements the neutrals and delicate touches of color in this corridor, perfectly showcasing the artwork on the walls.

  • Wood paneling with dark paint

If you want to add wall paneling to your bedroom or living room on a budget, try imitating the look of wood paneling with dark paint. Simply paint a quarter of the way up to your walls in a contrasting color, add tape to simulate the panel grooves if you want to go pro, and you’ll have extremely elegant results.

  • Paint a kitchen in unexpected color

Don’t have the money for an expensive-looking tiled kitchen splashback? One of the most amazing wall painting ideas is to create a tiled look, which you can do quickly with tester pots and masking tape. Simply scale your design on paper before transferring it to the wall. You may repaint if something goes wrong.

  • Add detail with dark wall

Another fantastic budget-friendly suggestion is to paint a wall. Again, masking tape may be used to create your design either by masking off the headboard pattern and painting it in or by using tape to make the headboard. However, paint the entire wall a different color to add unique style. Then remove the tape after the paint has dried and you’ve got your design.

  • Add zigzag in the lounge:

Many DIY wall paintings in Dubai ideas will also bring movement and flair to your living room. For a rounded finish, this paint picks up colors from the furnishings.

  • Add structure with paint in bedroom

When it comes to bedroom color ideas, a little masking tape may help make a difference. Make a mark in the shape of a square offbeat for added interest and use a contrasting color to make an effect. Simply renew feature paint in Golden Sands was used to bring this bedroom to life, and it’s the perfect way to add a little structure to a soft, bohemian decor style.

  • Paint with light colors

Painting inherited wall paneling is an excellent method to add interest to it. To generate uniform appeal, try color blocking with a couple of distinct overlapping colors that nod to the hues in your furnishings. It’s a good aesthetic for all scales, and it’s also completely customizable.

  • Make an arch with paint

A painted wall arch will offer the splash of color that a neutral environment requires. Ideal for a child’s room or to effectively divide a home office area. To acquire the exact curve, use tape, string, and chalk to recreate the accent wall.

  • The ceiling in contrast color

When it comes to painting ceilings, we all tend to play it safe. Using several shades of greige (beige + gray) or simply allowing the popcorn to look happen naturally. Choosing brights and matching, or completely opposing, the color on your walls is a terrific approach to DIY a new look with paint, but in a more inventive way.

  • Paint a dreamy wall

A mural gives you the freedom to express yourself .on this rugged abstract painted wall, we love the eggplant purple against the white. The clean lines and concept are successful, demonstrated. You may skip the details and treat your wall as a canvas to achieve the best results.

  • Paint everything same

It may appear to be a maximalist choice to paint the walls the same color as large pieces of furniture and even your floorboards. However, it’s a fantastic way to dress up a small or awkward space. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about a paint splash on the floor while painting.

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