7:00PM - 8:30PM

First time is $5

Play Improv games You See OnWhose Line is it Anyway? 

A chance to learn improv, let go of fear, become a better comedian, and make new friends! Our experienced teachers and YOU create a night unlike anything else! You get to be the star and perform some of your favorite improv games in a safe, supportive space. No judgment at Blacktop! We're all here to learn and improv(e).

Discover the fun of playing classic improv games like Freeze, Party Quirks, Props, and more. Improv for Everyone is what you need!

  • Let go of Fear

  • live in the moment

  • All Skill Levels Welcome!

No previous improv experience necessary. We never force anyone to play (but we will encourage you to join the fun).

 Grab a seat, watch a couple of the games, and realize you have the ability to be a great improviser. All it takes is letting go of fear. We’re confident we can help you let go of that fear.



Blacktop Comedy offers the best in entertainment and education. Our world-class instructors are passionate about improv and fostering a supportive community of performers. Our experienced teachers have studied and performed throughout the country, including Chicago, Austin, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

We opened Blacktop in Rocklin, CA because we grew up in this community, and wanted to bring improv education and entertainment to our home. If you want is looking to become a performer, a confident public speaker, or try something new, come to Blacktop Comedy. If you have any questions, reach us at, or (916) 749-3100.