Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money Chapter 16

Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money Chapter 16

A fiancee suffering from a work addiction; will the union be a success?

The T/N for Rinee was changed to Rineh. Previous chapters have this change.

As she watched Yenikarina smile at her Aristine responded by smiling.

“Why this is so lovely for you.”

That was the response Yenika was looking for, although her face was stiff.

‘Did…did she simply let me off the hook Do you think she dropped formalities? (T/N Aristine did not employ a formal manner in her conversation)

Did this idiot look at her from the side right now?

“Ah, I’m sorry. Princess Yenika Do you think I can be more comfortable speaking towards me?” 

‘The nerve.’

However, Yenikarina did manage to get a smile.

What a grumpy woman. She apologized, but her expressionless face did not show any signs of having any regrets, which made her even more annoying.

“That I’m rather…”

Shy around strangers–is the exact thing she wanted to say, but before she could say it, Aristine began to speak.

“It’s that you are a little like my sister. Princess Yenika I know you’d like me to imagine you as my younger sister as well do you think so?”


Yenikarina was unable to speak as she was completely in a state of silence.

“Ah was it possible that you were just saying it to be courteous? I’m not great at making this distinction. I thought you were serious.”

Aristine’s gaze sank to the floor.

Like a model this alone made her look pathetic and sad.

Yenika became even angrier when she was able to see Marten look like he felt at ease for Aristine.

“How can I be serious? Why would I wish for someone to consider me to be your sister!”

Only one individual could have treated her as a younger sibling and it was their brother of hers, Hamill.

Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money Chapter 16

In the end, the last words she spoke out of her lips included…

“Of course! It was a serious question.”

Yenikarina made a smile that was bright and cheerful.

“So it’s fine, right?” (Aristine)

A glimpse of Aristine dropping honorifics instantly made Yenikarina’s smile crack.

Throughout her entire existence, she has been happy regardless of what was happening and yet she had not had so much difficulty remaining positive until now.

‘Damn it. Was it because she grew up close to a wall all her life? Is it because she’s so uncooperative or what is it?

However, when she considered what she witnessed her doing to Paellamien before that, it didn’t seem like Aristine was impolite.

Since the princess had decided to ditch the honorifics first, there was no reason to be formal.

“Mn Well, then Yenika will too”


Aristine cut her hair off.

“My younger sister always spoke concerning me. When she was youthful, she never changed her voice when she spoke to me.”


Yenikarina was stunned for a moment.

Her mind was completely blank.

At that exact moment, a burst of laughter came from close to her.


The name was Marten.

He tried to contain the laughter but was unable to stop it from spilling out. His shoulders were shaking.

Yenikarina was looking at him before she smiled sweetly.

“Brother Marten.”

“Hm? Huh?”

“What is it that makes you laugh? Yenika is curious too.”

“Huh? It’s not true, it’s …”

“That is?”


“What could you be remorseful for? Did you commit any wrongs towards Yenika?”

Aristine was watching indifferently as Marten was infuriated by Yenikarina’s attack, then she was able to look away.

In reality, there was a second person she was looking to get in touch with for some time.

Nephther is the Irugo King. Irugo.

His eyes, sharp as Tarkan’s were turned toward her. His blue eyes, turquoise and ethereal, were a little enthralling.

“That’s a great signal.’

If Starlina was arguing against her forced Starlina to stop to save her time however, it appears to have had an unexpected impact.

The King of Irugo was interested in her due to that.

“He loves Tarkan and therefore, he might want Tarkan’s wife as a competent female.’ [22

In Irugo The Crown Prince was not been picked yet.

Therefore, the struggle for succession was fierce and the heirs were split into two groups The first was owned by her upcoming husband Tarkan, and the other part was owned by Hamill who was the youngest son and biological son of Queen Elizabeth II.

As Hamill, Yenikarina was also the biological daughter of Queen Elizabeth II.

The prince and princesses were concubines of other concubines…

“No, Tarkan is the exception.’

Tarkan wasn’t born from an official concubine. He was born to a commoner woman who wasn’t even a concubine.

This birth was Tarkan’s political weakness. This is why the majority of members of the family royal were on Hamill’s side.

The most simple explanation was that they resented Tarkan for having been born from an unworthy source.

An alternative explanation is it was that the nobles were trying to elude any new power that could make them share the aristocratic passion they already had. Nobles joined together in a single group and tried to preserve the authority they had established either way or another.

“In the end, politics involves fighting to defend your interests.’

Every single thing Aristine was able to see through the eyes of her Monarch was similar to the one she had seen through her Monarch’s Sight.

When all royal family members had settled down and sat down, the court ladies served tea freshly brewed and refreshments.

Aristine gazed at the cup of tea with a rosy tea.

The tea was swirled around the teacup and the aroma traveled through the air, emitting the scent of a refreshing aroma. The shiny jelly served with the tea was delicious too and it continued to draw her attention.

“But today I came here to deal…no I was here to market an item.’

Aristine wanted to show Tarkan that she was the good selling professional she could be. [3] And she seemed pretty confident.

Aristine had a great memory.

One thing is for certain is that she has never forgotten what she saw through her Monarch’s Eye.

In the beginning, Aristine was restricted in the things she could do since she was in a ruinous palace that was surrounded by no one.

Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money Chapter 16

Furthermore, the Monarch’s Sight was not something she could utilize as she had a desire to use it. Aristine was spending a lot of time thinking about the things she had seen before.

This was how she lived her life.

She would be alone contemplating over and over and over the world around her which was reflected on the surface of the water.

Memory was also something that was able to be improved.

Aristine was a plethora of things that she remembered and was unable to forget. In addition, due to this habit, she slowly became capable of examining various things as she looked at the present, past, and future through the Monarch’s eyes.

Not just conversations between people, but also how beautiful the flowers in the background were or how beautiful the sky was, or just how brilliant the sunlight was.

She always kept such things within her heart and keep them in that dimly illuminated room.

Naturally, her ability to observe grew.

However, one could ask what the significance of this is in the present.

Aristine was already acquainted with her King Irugo before her Monarch’s gaze.

Not only one time, but numerous times.

Due to this Aristine was able to discover what secrets the King had, which even Tarkan was unaware of.

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