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Everything You Need To Know About Auto Transport Insurance

Transport services help you ship your car from one place to your desired location in the most cost-effective way. However, car shipping services are not free of risks and uncertainties. Road incidents can happen at any time during your shipping process. Staying prepared for uncertain car damages or risky road incidents can help you save money from expensive car damages and repair services. 

Auto insurance, also known as car shipping insurance, is the protection coverage that covers maximum expenses sustained during the car transportation process. Purchasing shipping insurance before the shipment will allow you to enjoy peace of mind throughout your shipping process. 

From types of insurance coverage to tips to get the most out of your services, this article contains everything that will help you understand more about auto transport insurance coverage. 

So, without wasting any time further, here are some popular types of auto transport insurance coverage offered by shipping companies. 

Types of auto transport insurance coverage

1. Customer Insurance 

Customer insurance coverage is also known as personal auto insurance coverage. This type of insurance coverage is usually optional and comes with minimum insurance requirements. In other words, it is completely up to customers to opt for this insurance or not. Customer insurance coverage is more suitable for long-distance shipping services where there are high chances of running into unwanted road incidents.

2. Carrier insurance 

Carrier insurance offers liability coverage that provides protection from claims that result from injuries and damage to people or third parties. You should only hire services from shipping carriers that are insured under this coverage. However, to claim this coverage, one must abide by certain rules and conditions at the time of the incident. 

3. Broker Insurance 

The broker insurance offers supplemental coverage against the claims. Similar to customer insurance coverages, broker insurance is also optional. It is important to understand that brokers act as middlemen that help you connect with carriers or shipping companies in the market. They don’t actually ship a car from one place to another. Broker insurance is made to protect the interests of shipping brokers in the industry. 

Tips for selecting car hauler insurance  

Before you purchase your insurance coverage, several factors need to be considered. Now let us look at amazing and beneficial tips for selecting the best auto insurance options for your shipment. 

1. Check with your service provider 

Over the past few years, many car shipping companies have started to include insurance coverage in their service packages. If you come across a shipping company that offers shipping insurance coverage, then you don’t worry about purchasing separate car insurance coverage for your shipment. Always read the conditions and rules of their insurance before finalizing the services as there might be some hidden cost that can possibly increase the overall cost of your services. 

It is recommended to get in touch with your service provider or if possible, meet them in person to learn more about their services and work culture. 

2. Get everything in writing 

It is always an ideal practice to ask for written documentation before signing your shipping service contracts. Ensure to ask your service provider for written proof of insurance coverage and conditions involved in the coverage. In case of the absence of written documents, the shipping company can take advantage of your condition and refrain from paying for damages. 

With the help of written documents, you can legally make your case more strong and enjoy maximum coverage for your insurance. Sign the documents only after thoroughly going through all the rules and conditions mentioned on the contract. 

3. Ask for proof of insurance 

When you work with a reputable car shipping insurance company, you don’t have to worry about insurance claims and proof of your coverage. If you opt for insurance coverage offered by shipping companies, you must ask for proof that validates your coverage. Registration certificate and license of the shipping company, to know that the company legally performs business activities, shipping insurance certificate, and more are some of the documents or proof or insurance that you can ask to confirm the validation of your shipment. 

4. Research 

Lastly, research the types of insurance coverages that protect you from significant expenses during the shipment. It is extremely important to learn about your service providers before investing your money in their services. Many fraudulent and deceptive companies take undue advantage of uninformed and uneducated customers by selling their services at unrealistic and attractive prices. Check their customer review, years of experience in the industry, market reputation, and more to get appropriate information about their services. 

We hope, with the help of this article, you can discover the best insurance option for your shipment process. Purchase only those coverages that offer maximum protection to your vehicle and come with extra benefits. 

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