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Ethical Issues You Must Focus on In Dissertation Methodology Section

Research ethics guide researchers in conducting responsible research. Ethics are not something that needs to define as most of us are aware of all the basic human rights, still, the government has laws and regulations that protect our dignity and provide us safety against others. When it comes to research work, researchers have a complete code of research that guides them through research considering basic human and research rights on the same ground. Every country can have different research ethics, but there are some common ethics that researchers need to be followed while conducting fair research.

In this article, we will discuss why scientists need research ethics and what basic ethical issues in the dissertation methodology section are.

Why there is a need for basic research ethics:

Basic research ethics are important to consider because of the following reasons.

  • Research ethics in the dissertation methodology section are important for research uplifting. They help in maintaining collaboration between science and humans. They also protect the basic rights of researchers and their contribution to particular research.
  • These research ethics also ensure that the research objects are positive and do not harm humans in any way.
  • If researchers do not consider ethics in his dissertation methodology section, a direct reliability question arises to his credibility. It is because his methodology isn’t ethically correct.

As a result, researchers should always make sure their dissertation methodology section and research are ethically correct. They also have an option to hire dissertation proposal writing services to get things done in a better way.

Why people steal others’ work:

Have you ever wondered why some people steal others’ work and get it published by their name? There can be multiple reasons for it.

  1. Most of the time, stealers do not determined to harm their opponents. In some cases, they just want to facilitate themselves. Maybe they are fulfilling their feeling of deprivation. Most of the time humans feel deprived especially when they compare themselves self’s to others.
  2. It is also possible that the stealer wants to destroy the research career of some other researcher.

Now let’s read what the basic ethical issues in research are:

Not getting research approval:

Almost all universities have institutional review boards in their universities that give consent to students for starting research. When students start their research work they have to write a proposal about their research. The institutional review board reviews the proposals and checks whether the objectives of the research are ethically correct. If IRB found the research ethically correct they give consent to the students for starting the research. On the other hand, if they found research ethically wrong, a proposal resubmission message is delivered to the respective student. If any student does not get IRB approval, the university does not approve his research work.

Not clear research communication:

While writing the dissertation methodology section researchers need to communicate in a clean and structured way. Most of the time researchers do not consider clarity in writing an ethically wrong dissertation methodology. Research studies guide other researchers in selecting and conducting their research in new directions. For searching new problems statements new researchers need to read old researchers. Therefore, the research methodology section and results must be represented and explained clearly.

Research communications also involve that researchers are not involved in any kind of plagiarism. Their research papers are plagiarism fee and they are not involved in any kind of research stealing. In short, their research work is solely belonging to them. Plagiarism is the most common research issue and it harms researchers the most.

Research misleading:

Research misleading means a researcher has successfully conducted his research but he miss led about the research in his paper. Moreover, he has taken this action consciously and has tried to hide his research.

Research misleading can have serious effects on the credibility of a researcher and misleading can also ruin the reputation of the university. Most of all it can ruin people’s lives. Research misleading is also a serious waste of resources too. Therefore, if you are a student that going to start research you should have a clear understanding of research ethics.

Researches having the potential to harm:

Scientists and researchers should focus on the objectives of the research. They should analyze whether their research has the potential to harm or not. They should also know about the basic harms of research.

Psychological, physical, social, and legal harms are the different harms that research can cast on humans. Moreover, researchers should consider that their research work isn’t leaving any long-term side effects on animals and the environment.

Not giving rights of confidentiality:

If multiple researchers are involved in any research work, all of them must aware of the confidentiality of the research work. None of them is allowed to expose data or results of any research.  They are also not allowed to steal the information and get it published by their names only.

In addition, if any research is using the personal data of the public, it’s the responsibility of the researchers not to expose their data in any way. For example, you have to conduct research in which you need data like age, name, mobile no, CNIC of your fellows, and the general public. It’s the ethical duty of the researchers to keep this information under confidentiality because stealers can harm the people using this information.

Moreover, for more confidentiality make a habit of locking you all your documents in a password-protected file. Make sure you give access to these documents to participants approved by IRB.


Not considering ethical issues in research work is a common practice for most stealers. They forget that every human has some rights over other humans. Therefore they try their best to harm others by stealing their intellectual rights. They may take data from the general public in the name of research and the n misuse it for their financial benefit. In addition, most of the researchers include plagiarism in their work or sometimes they do not know how to properly cite their research work. All these things leave harmful effects on the researcher’s life.

This article will give you a broad concept of ethical issues, why people steal others’ work, and what are the most common ethical issues in any research. Read the entire article to understand issues clearly.

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