Introduction to Viewpoints and Thematic Ensemble Work

with Chelsea Coleman

JUNE, 11, 2016  2:00pm - 5:00PM

Learn about Viewpoints with the teacher of Emergence Workshops.

Culture of Trust


JUNE, 12, 2016  2:00pM - 5:00PM

Rollin' In Riches has no form when they perform. They Yes And everything and a form emerges. They've performed mono scenes, multiple disparate scenes, forms resembling Close Quarters, Harolds, Armandos, Wagon Wheels & anything else you could think of.  In this workshop they will show you how to create a culture of trust, how to take Yes And to the next level, how to make rapid-fire moves and risks that are organic to the scene/show and how to ultimately follow the show wherever the SHOW goes without judgment, worry about making the wrong move or concern for laughs.

Rich Baker Bi0: Improviser since 1999. Rich has taught at: Second City ChicagoSecond City HollywoodWestside Comedy Theatre (Santa Monica), ComedySportz ChicagoThe Comedy Shrine and Laugh Out Loud Theatre. He primarily makes his living teaching and coaching improv in Los Angeles. He's performed and taught at the Dallas Comedy Festival, San Diego Improv Festival, Los Angeles Improv Festival and four ComedySportz World Tournaments. He has basically devoted his whole adult life to the craft of improv comedy.

Rolland Lopez Bio: Rolland has been doing improv for almost a decade. During that time, he’s performed at the Seattle Festival of Improv Theater, Improvaganza (in Honolulu), Dallas Comedy Festival, LA Improv Festival, SF Sketchfest, San Diego Improv Festival and the Downtown Vegas Improv Festival. He’s been a member of the Westside Comedy Theater’s flagship show, Mission Improvable, for over 5 years and has coached at the WCT for 2. During the last 4 years he's taught every level there and as has also taught in corporate settings. He’s a foreign language nerd and is currently studying Russian and ASL.

Effortless Improv


JUNE, 11, 2016  10:00AM - 1:00PM

Quite often improvisers want to bring all the wonderful ideas they have into the scene all at once. This usually makes the scene more complicated and waists time, resulting in the audience watching the improvisers figure out what the scene is about. We turn to invention when we want to get a laugh or when we don’t know what the scene is about. Inventing things that are not in alignment with the energy already present forces us to justify our choices which then puts us in our head. The Fix: Operate from the heart! Use your feelings to navigate the scene instead of your brain!
In this class we will learn to use and trust our most valuable asset. We will learn how to get out of our own way and how to let the scene effortlessly emerge. We will work on presence, listening at a deeper level, and the difference between the facts of the world and the assumptions in our head. Great for any actor, improviser, or artist looking to trust their inner wisdom.


Marcus Sams Bio: 

Marcus Sams is a full time improv teacher and professionally working actor in San Francisco. He has taught for SF Acting Academy, Pictoclik Film Festival, and currently teachers for Leela, Improv w/Marcus, and at improv festivals and schools across the nation. He has a degree in Theatre Arts and his improv has been forged by the teachings of David Razowsky, Susan Messing, Joe Bill and Mark Sutton as well as many nationally known teachers. His teaching style combines theatrical craft, systematic approaches, empathy training, and leading with the heart. This combination yields truthful and grounded scene work that is fraught with honest hilarity and from a theatrical stand point, technically polished performances. 

Sams has performed in over 34 shows in national improv festivals and in 2016 had the honor of opening for Joe Bill and Mark Sutton's BassProv at the Chicago Improv Festival's Secret Show. He has taught for The Gainesville Improv Festival 2011, The California Improv Festival 2014 & 2016, Improvaganza - Hawaii Festival of Improv 2015, and for the San Diego Improv Festival 2016, the OC Improv Festival 2016 and the San Jose Improv Festival 2016.

In October of 2014 he opened a duo class called Two Play in San Francisco. The goal was to train duos in the improv craft and the business to get them into festivals. After their first show, two of his duos have gotten into 6 improv festivals in the past year. Due to the classes popularity in October of 2015 he opened a second section of the class which sold out and he is officially training 10 duos.

He believes that improv is theatre and that it can have all the cathartic elements of scripted theatre when commitment to craft is pursued vigorously. 

I Want to Play Like Them!

WITH Ben Leddick

JUNE, 11, 2016  10:00AM - 1:00PM

For Beginners to Advanced

The focus will be on understanding yourself and tendencies, and working to support styles you don't play. The class will focus on honestly identifying they type of player you are, the type of player you want to be, and the type of player you don't know how to support. We'll swing from exercises of pop-culture play to silent responses, and space work to stream of conscious.


Ben Leddick Bio:

Ben Leddick has been improvising for 10 years and it's taken him through Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Columbus, Portland, Alaska and Rocklin/Roseville.

Now You're Playing With Power


June, 11, 2016  2:00pm - 5:00pm

For Beginners to Advanced

Let’s stop doing talking heads and let’s get active! This workshop will help you make bold and active initiations, use your environment and make sure you’re sticking to your first initiation and not retreating. You will delve into the use of a characters behavior to drive the scene. This workshop is designed to help you become a more confident and powerful player. 

Instructor: Nick Armstrong

Nick is an Actor, Improvisor and Writer living in Los Angeles, CA. On TV Nick has been on the Emmy-Award winning shows The Office and Grey's Anatomy. He has also made appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live, New Girl, Hot in Cleveland and Parks and Recreation. 

Onstage Nick has trained at The Groundlings and iO West. He is an alum of the famous sketch group, The Sunday Company at the Groundlings and currently performs at the world-famous iO West in Hollywood, CA on LA's Critically Acclaimed Harold Team King Ten. Nick currently teaches at The Groundlings and has also taught improv at iO West, Westside Comedy Theatre, NOW Improv and has done workshops all over the world.

Nick is also the Camp Director and Founder of Camp Improv Utopia an improv retreat for grown ups. He is also one of the founding members of the National Improv Network.

Bold AF!

WITH Betsaida Lebron

JUNE, 12, 2016  2:00AM - 5:00PM

It’s time to stop letting anything hold you back and just go for it! This workshop is designed to build your confidence to make bold moves, find the fun in your scenes, and allow you to be the kind of improviser others can’t wait to play with. Being bold and fearless is a skill that can be developed. Betsaida combines strategies from Improv, Psychology, and Coaching to create this empowering workshop. You want to be Bold AF? Ok, now is the time! Go for it!

Instructor: Betsaida Lebron

Betsaida LeBron is the co-founder of Blacktop Comedy Theater in Rocklin, CA. She has studied and performed with iO, ComedySportz, and Theatre Sports. When not teaching and performing Improv, Betsaida works as a Program Supervisor for the non-profit Mental Health America. She has a passion for teaching and coaching individuals to reach their maximum potential.