Recently, I took a sketch workshop, and it was fun. It was also an eye opener. I need more characters. I realized I was trotting out familiar characters. Oh yeah, that kid character. I've done that before. And, oh yeah, that old man. Been there.
I need some something fresh and unique. I need some inspiration.
Off to Starbucks! Or Origin! Or insert-local-coffee-dealer-here.
The coffee places are great, but they tend to pull the same sort of clientele. It's a familiar and well tapped, um, well.
Where do you go to get new inspirational characters?
I found a place. A magical place where you find nothing BUT quirky, morose, happy, and always honest characters....podcasts.

There are so many podcasts out there. iTunes lists over 3 million. That's a lot of words and time. You're a busy person, and don't have time to listen to three million podcasts.
I have you covered! There's a podcast I listen to ALL the time. 99% Invincible. It's a great podcast produced in Oakland California. Roman Mars is a wonderful host. They produce a great deal of work, and also curate and find the best for listeners. Over the last year, I've listened to the majority of the episodes. Here are some of the ones I loved the most that are packed with character inspiration.

Episode 175: The Sunshine Hotel  
    The Sunshine Hotel comes to life over the course of thirty minutes. The time will fly by, and you'll have met over a dozen strange and beautiful people. The Bowery sounds like an interesting place before the transformation.

Episode 167: Voices in the Wire
        Tony Schwartz had a passion for recording. And, he recorded everything he could. It's an awesome time capsule. 

Episode 158: Sandhogs 
         The Sandhogs are tough, and the voices gruff, and honest. They are a family, and you'll want to learn about the family.

Episode 153: Game Over
         What happens when the dervers are shuttered? The end was documented, and the stories are interesting. I sat in my driveway for 10 minute listening to the whole piece. I couldn't turn it off.

Episode 66: Kowloon Walled City 
                       I had never heard of Kowloon Walled City. I couldn't imagine living here. The stories stick with you. You have to see the pictures online to understand the complexity of the site.


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