Relax. What's the harm in saying hi? While walking through the parking lot this morning, I saw a friend in her Toyota Corolla, and waved. Well, I thought it was my friend, until the car continued past me, a complete stranger behind the driver seat waving back at me. I immediately felt embarrassed, my face flushed red. What was I thinking? Better yet, what must that stranger be thinking?

My embarrassment lasted only a couple seconds, before I realized: Relax. There's no harm in saying hi. I just greeted someone, which is a thoughtful gesture, regardless of the situation.

The experience made me think about improv and how we can hold back onstage. We can bury our ideas, our onstage 'wave,' because we worry we might look foolish. My team would hate if I said that. Honestly, if your intention is to help the scene, you can never make a bad move. Your team will appreciate the contribution, because it signals you care about scene. If you're focused on building a scene with someone, every gesture is brilliant.