If you know me, you know I love keeping things light & upbeat. [Warning: incredibly sarcastic statement ahead] Naturally, I’m the perfect choice for directing Blacktop’s latest show, Teen Slasher. Paul was shocked when I asked to be the director. “You’re rainbows and baby kittens,” he responded, You sure you’re up for this?”

For the next week, I watched lots of scary movies, and I did a lot of thinking…. and some screaming. Yep, I concluded, I want to direct Teen Slasher.

Over the past two months, Teen Slasher has developed into something incredible. What makes it different? Three things:

1.  Mystery killer! No one knows who the killer is….even the improvisers! The killer is revealed to the audience and performers at the same moment.

2. Splatter factor! Be ready for the bloodiest improv you’ll ever see. (First couple rows receive free ponchos.)

3.  An incredible cast! I am so proud of these performers. They have worked tirelessly to create the funniest show possible.

The stage transforms this Friday, and every Friday in October for Teen Slasher. We will see you at the theater. You will want to let people know, “I saw that show!”

-Betsaida Lebron

Teen Slasher Director