As a teacher at Blacktop Comedy you field a lot of questions. The more frequent question?

"How do I get better?"

Look, I get it! A desire to improve, to become a more skillful performer is natural (sidenote: if you have a teacher who feels they know everything, and aren't still working on their abilities/skills/approach, I'd encourage you to study elsewhere.)

The path to improvement is a pretty simple equation, and works whether you're in improviser in Roseville, Sacramento, LA, Chicago or New York:

Practice + Performance + Watching = Improvement

That's it! Keep practiving, jump onstage to perform when chances arise, and, don't forget, go WATCH improv. Check out the groups in your area. All of them. Don't marry yourself to one theater. Go see what's happening everywhere, because you'll discover what you like, what you want to learn, and what you want to avoid.

Now, it's your lucky day! The San Francisco Improv Festival is in town. Honestly, it's in your own city right now....on the internet. Have you checked out the ustream channel for the San Francisco Improv Festival? Do it! You can watch some of the best improv in the world descend on San Francisco! Who can you see? Well, Razowsky & Hamilton, The Freeze, Kind Strangers, King Ten, WeirDass, BATS Improv, Dr. God, Comedysportz, Five Play Improv, Messing with a Friend, and more. I hope you take advantage of the ustream channel.