Over the past few months Blacktop Comedy has been organizing the Milky Way Improv Festival (MWIF), and we're excited to announce the comedy event exceeded even our wildest expectations. The festival is April 5-7th, 2013. Three days of improv performances, and classes. It's more then a chance to laugh, and see some of the premiere teams from Los Angeles, San Francisco, and beyond. It's a chance to come together as an improv community, and teach one another. These shows, and classes have never been available in Sacramento or Placer before, but.... they're coming to Roseville April 5-7th. Who will be at the festival? I'm glad you asked. Many of these groups have never performed in Sacramento or Roseville, and might never again. Don't miss your chance! Grab your tickets! Here is just a partial list of the incredible talent descending into Roseville: Kind Strangers (LA), Recchia (SF), HUGE (SF),  Billyhawk (LA), Made Up Theatre (Fremont), Empire Comedy (Reno), Bro Squad 5 (LA), Unscripted (SF) and more! If you want to learn more about the festival, check out the website.