Well, here we are. The government is still shutdown. Government employees are still furloughed, and we don’ really see any end in sight. The politics are posturing, everyone is making their speeches, and the employees are getting squeezed.

I’m not here to talk politics, but I am here to say what we’re all thinking, “this sucks for the thousands of employees who need that money.“

We can’t solve everything here at Blacktop Comedy (but if we could? Things would look different!). We can, however, do our part to help make this a little less of a burden on everyone.

“What are you trying to say Paul? Why are you burying the lead? Shouldn’t you start a blog post with something new and exciting and not something we already know. We know the government shutdown is here. What are you going to do about it?”

You’re right, let’s skip over the bad, and get to the good: FREE ADMISSION FOR FURLOUGHED FEDERAL EMPLOYEES! Money is tight, and you’re stressed over bills.

The one time you actually need to get out of the house, and go enjoy some live comedy you can’t…because it costs money. Normally. Normally it costs money. But, it’s worth repeating, this week: FREE ADMISSION FOR FURLOUGHED FEDERAL EMPLOYEES!

You need a community of support, and not a community of sniping, angry, and exhausted politicians shouting at each other. You need laughter. We have a community. And laughter. And it’s available. It’s at Blacktop Comedy.

We're offering free admission to Open Mic, Friday Improv Playground, and Saturday's show, Rollin in Riches!


Have you wanted to TRY improv? Join us for the Friday Playground! You’ll learn new improv games. It’s like an improv jam blended with a class. You’ll learn, laugh, and meet new people. It’s the oppisate of a negative furlough.

Are you looking to watch more live stand up comedy? The Blacktop Comedy Open Mic welcomes the best live, and local comedians to the stage. We even get touring comics looking to work on their set at our Open Mic. You’ll see 20 comedians in 90 minute! Guaranteed laughter.

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Finally, YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS SHOW! Rollin’ in Riches is an amazing Los Angeles based duo who is making a special, one night only performance at Blacktop. This Saturday you can catch one of the best improv duos from LA (and Los Angeles has a lot of improv comedy).

How do you take advantage of this special event, open mic, and improv jam? Just bring a government \ employment ID for verification to the Blacktop Box Office.

That’s all you have to do to enjoy some incredible local and visiting comedians. We hope this helps in a small way. I know getting out of the house, seeing other people, and laughing with each other is healing, and helps us tap into a positive mindset. I think we could all use more of that right now.

ALSO! Important….let’s be honest…I don’t think this blog readership is large. If you read my blog…thank you! Could you help me and share this post? Could you let a furloughed employee know what we are doing? I want everyone to know they’re invtied to join us this week. Open Mics are Wednesday, Friday Improv Playground is…well….on Friday, and Rollin’ and Riches do their thing this Saturday. See you soon!