June 9-12th 2016. Circle the date. Print this post and then circle that date.

The California Comedy Festival is near! In fact, it's this week! The 4th annual comedy festival is here, and it's bigger and better then ever. Fifteen troupes, over 50 improvisers, and six workshops.

I know what you're thinking, "I've head it all before! Bigger and Better? Present your case!" We shall.

Not only have we added a day (now a four day Sacramento comedy spectacular!) but we've added States!

We can officially check off, "welcome a Minnesota improv troupe to the festival" from our bucket list (we have an unusual bucket list), because here comes Side Pickle! Oh yes! Thee Side Pickle from Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Side Pickle that calls the HUGE Theater home. They're a brilliant duo. And they're ours! All ours! Bwahahahaha!

sacramento comedy side pickle

Speaking of duos...

...., we can't forget Rollin' In Riches. How to describe their show? No plan. High energy. Transforming chaos into fun! Emotionally driven comedy.

Speaking of emotionally driven improv....

....have you seen the lineup of workshops? It'll emotionally drive you to tears of happiness. We have six workshops taught by some of the biggest names in comedy. Nick Armstrong, Cheslea Coleman, Ben Leddick, Betsaida Lebron, Rolland Lopez & Rich Baker. We have workshops in everything from creating scenes with confidence, exploring new improv formats, learning about Viewpoints and more. As we get closer to the festival I will post descriptions about each class, and more about each teacher. 

Speaking of teaching...

This years festival is unique, because it's raising money for a good cause. The California Comedy Festival is working with Evolve You Foundation to offer free improv classes to at-risk and foster youth. Evolve You offers vocational training and education to those in the foster care who will soon age out of the system. Evolve You helps prepare the teens for life on their own. That's the mission, and Blacktop Comedy and the California Comedy Festival are excited to be helping.

sacramento evolve you foundation

Speaking of helping...

Would you like to help spread the word about the festival? Below is a one page flyer that highlights all the important dates, times, and locations for the California Comedy Festival. If you've been thinking, "how should I spend the remaining ink in this printer cartridge," we suggest printing and sharing this flyer with friends and family. This year you're seeing incredible comedy and helping hundreds of local Sacramento kids. 

Thank you!

california comedy festival