Yes! We're back! Its been a nice break, but it's so great to get back onstage, and offer some Saturday night comedy. Squeaky Clean Comedy returns this Saturday night! The perfect show if you like your comedy clean. Does that mean this is a kid's show? No. This show is all ages. Clean comedy means no swearing or offensive content. If you love clean comedy you'll love the show. Will kids love the show? Absolutely! Rocklin. Placer. Do you know what's about to happen this Saturday? We've spent the last month retooling Squeaky Clean Comedy. We went back to the improv whiteboard and worked on making a better show. We toiled, we planned, we looked at videos. We studied the comedy masters, and realized we had a long way to go. We subtracted, and added, and shifted, and reinforced.  There was some chemistry involved. We had beakers, and one of those really weird looking chemistry set pieces that looks like an anteater. What does it do? We could never figure it out so we just left it sitting at the theater. It made our improv comedy experiments look cooler.

What's our goal? We don't want people walking away saying, "oh well that's a cute little local theater show. These local improv comics are so adorable. I don't think we'll ever attend it again, though. Let's go home and just use Netflix from here on out."

We want you blown away. We want you walking out of the theater thinking, "how did they do that? How do they do improv? Could I do that? It looks like so much fun!"

Yes! It is fun! And, yes, we will bring you a very unique, funny, and memorable show this Saturday! Local theater, local comedy, can be incredible, and we want to be just more proof!

I'm tempted to tell you the surprises in store, but that'd really spoil the fun. OK. I'll just say this. Do you love color? It's the perfect all ages comedy show right here in Rocklin.

What are your thoughts about DJ's? Do you love The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, or The Late show with Seth Myers?

OK. That's all I'll say. If you want to grab tickets for the show they are still available. You can grab them online, or at the box office. We love Netflix, but try some live comedy this weekend. We're right off Sunset, by Dutch Brothers in Rocklin.