sacramento sketch comedy

It's been a long time coming! Behind the scenes, among the players, we've talked about beginning a sketch team that performs regularly. Would it be live sketch comedy? Video sketches? A blend? We talked, daydreamed, and wondered. Turns out, that doesn't produce much. Well, it makes you salivate, which I guess is something, but nothing someone wants to watch (and if you do want to watch us salivate, don't want to judge that...but....).

With the help of Nick Armstrong we put pen to paper, and started writing down ideas. Wrestling an idea into a script can take a lot of work.

"OK. I see how that idea is funny. Now, how do we take it and build a 3 minute sketch?"

Thankfully, with experience both, coaching and performing at Groundings, and iO Nick provided invaluable feedback. We learned to build characters, and not just a premise. Premises can burn out so fast, but a character can sustain. It was the "a-ha" moment we all needed.

We spent a weekend locked in the theater, glued to the laptops, tinkering, adjusting, and crafting some really funny stuff. After detaching from the laptops we took to the stage and worked, and reworked, and reworked the sketches.

And, we emerged! Victorious! Written, staged, and ready. Sacramento sketch comedy won't be the same!

Hyperbole? Nope. Never in the history of time and space has something existed to perfectly (maybe a little hyperbolic).

We are thrilled to announce our first show is coming soon. In fact, we have a date. I should share that date, otherwise you won't have anything to circle on your calendar.

Saturday, April 23rd

Ninety minutes of scripted goodness. The team is packed with some of the funniest creative writers and comedians in Sacramento and Placer including Jordan Mata, Jay Miller, Kasey Castaneda, Tim Smith, Jessica Deprez, Garrett Bank, Mo Lim-Chua Sebastian Saba, Don Strong and Paul Burke. It's a company of supportive writers, and performers.

Expect intense board gaming, horrible teachers, Beatles lovers, questionable parenting, ADHD commercials, and more.

We premiered and tested the show with a small audience, and were really excited with the response. It taught us a lot and helped us produce this nifty little promo. If you'd like you share it we would be very grateful. Thanks!

Tickets are available online or at the box office.