OK. Stop what you're doing right now.

Shoot. Wait. Don't do that. Damn. Maybe you already stopped reading. I lost you! You're just staring at the computer and not doing anything. I need to get your attention somehow.


Are you back? Great. Pictures of Channing Tatum tend to get people's attention. Finish this blog post and THEN stop what you're doing and download this game: PIVVOT.

I tried it yesterday....and...well. I'm addicted. It's a beautifully simple game and mission: navigate this little node through a course.
Don't die.



It's literally a line, simple shapes, and pulsing beat, a frequent restarts. And, I can't put it down. I admire games that offer a simple premise with beautiful execution.

I found this game when I was waiting for an improv class to begin at the Rocklin theater.

It reminds me of improv. Keep it simple. Don't complicate a scene. Have a goal, stay true to your goal, work towards that goal, and the scene will be interesting and funny. Mission accomplished PIVVOT. You are both interesting and funny...... and infuriating (in a good way).

Some games last 3 seconds, while others last 30 seconds. When you last 30 seconds you'll feel like an unstoppable gaming god. You're body is flooded with endorphin's! Sweet sweet stimulants!
"Look at me world! I just lasted 30 seconds in PIVVOT."
And, then, you'll die. Your little node will shatter into a dozen
"Noooooooooooooo," you'll scream and you hit restart.
You won't even think about hitting restart. It becomes instinctual, like hunting and gathering....and now PIVVOTING.

The game is on sale right now, for 99 cents, even though I'd gladly pay the 1.99 it normally costs (yep, ladies. I drop 1.99 like it's nothing!)

How bad did the first game go? Well, I completed the game, but it took me 137 lives. I know. That's not great.
The second time I did better. I completed the map in 34 lives.
I keep playing tying to best that score.
The game also comes with challenges like Endless, Berserk, and Looper.
Go scrounge in the car for some change, and then put that change down. You can't play game with change anymore (sign). Go get a credit card. I know the game is available in on Google Play.

Have fun! Eat before playing cause you'll be consumed for awhile.