On Monday I mentioned a new improvised musical Blacktop Comedy. It's called Off (the Cuff) Broadway, and it premieres Saturday, July 11th, 8:30pm. This improv comedy is about the drama involved in preparing a show for the stage. Think Birdman, Chicago, and The Producers. It's a mashup we know you'd love

Welcome to Off the Cuff, an off Broadway theater, where you contributions shape the story.  The script is nearly perfect. Nearly. It's need a couple fresh suggestions. With your suggestions, we might just create the next Broadway smash! Everything in this production is improvised, and every story differnt. Every production is an all new musical! Will this musical be a romance? Mystery? Action adventure? You tell us! Of course, it'll be filled with drama. Musicals are always filled with drama.  And when the curtain goes up, you have a front row seat to it all!

An improvised story, music, and songs. Only at Blacktop Comedy.

That's it! We won't say another word. We'd hate to offer too many spoilers. And, of course, it's hard to offer spoilers when it's improv. We don't know where the show is going! You are pivotal. We need audience suggestions throughout the piece. Of course, we never pick on anyone. If you want to sit and just watch the show, we'll never call or pick on you. Enjoy the anonymity. But, if you want to participate, we'd love your help! The cast includes a phenomenal group of local improvisers: Betsaida Lebron, Jay Miller, Christopher Kimbrough, Aeriel, Allison Morrow, Kellee Benson Owens. Paul Burke on lights and Cristian Amaral on sound.

Also, let me emphasize, it's not for children. Mature audiences only. If you have children, grab a babysitter. That's one nice thing about staying local in Rocklin. You only aneed a babysitter for 3 hours. Go get some dinner at and then meet us at 8:30p show Off (the Cuff) Broadway

Only 4 shows! Limited availability. That's it. Call your friends, tell them, "we're skipping the club this Saturday," "you can see your husband another night," "put down the chips and dip and don't rent that movie from Redbox". You're going to see a show this Saturday(nothing against Redbox of course, or chips. I love both. Have you tried the new Triscuits?  Cracked Pepper and Olive Oil? Why are they so good!? What's in that Triscuit? It's very addictive.Damn. Now I want a box.) Grab your tickets. Here are the following dates: July 11, July 19, Aug. 1, Aug. 8: