*I started writing this blog post with the intention of talking about my Roseville teacher, and the importance of listening. As I was writing, my fingers hijacked the article and have created a....well...mess of this blog post.* I'm learning the guitar. They say it's important to never stop learning. It's also very important to manage, and ultimately let go of anger. Learning a new instrument is a great way to tackle both issues! Two birds, one stone!

Damn, I had no idea it's so challenging. How am I supposed to curve my hand around the neck like that? Do I need to be possessed? Possessed people seem to be able to contort themselves really well. I've seen movies. The devils makes everyone so flexible. Possession is a much quicker way if you're looking for flexibility. Boom! Take that Hot Yoga. Sure, I lose my soul, but I won't pass out in a room 120 degrees.

Gaaahhhhhhh! I want to choke the frets off this guitar.

Frets are tiny nubs on the guitar, and 'nubs' is a great word when you don't know how to adequately describe a fret.

This woman in Roseville is trying to teach me guitar. She's a wonderful teacher, and very knowledgeable. She even makes handouts with drawings of hand placements on the neck of the guitar. This paper is just mocking me. It looks so easy for this stick figure.

My teacher's great! I'm ridiculous. During our thirty minute lessons my eyes can't help but wander about her home. It's a nice home, with knick knacks all over the place. I shouldn't refer to them as knick knacks. Apparently that means "small worthless object," and these objects are obviously not worthless. They're carefully arranged, without a trace of dust, or clutter around. It's a dodad menagerie, a donagerie, and I have a hard time focusing. What do these mean? I feel like an uninvited archaeologist, trying to make sense of an american flag next to a chicken. What does it mean! Were her parents patriotic Midwest chicken farmers? Does she says phrases like, "well that's as American as a hen!"  (after careful observation, she hasn't used this phrase yet. She just keeps saying things like, "prodigy," and "you're Jimi Hendrix 2.0.").

Sheesh. I can't focus. I had this beautiful post all planned out about listening, and hearing what someone is saying versus what they really need. And, here I am, writing silliness. Wait, hold on a second. I listened to myself. I listened to myself! Isn't that what my original post was going to be about? Being true to yourself, and what you need. Sure. I think so. I needed to get out this goofy little piece. I listened to what I needed. Action versus talking about it. Mission accomplished!

Have a great weekend!

And, if you're looking for comedy Sacramento and Placer, may I suggest "Off (the Cuff) Broadyway"? I may, and I will. The premiere last week was a huge success. I'm assuming everyone in Rocklin was there (I can only guesstimate, it was a pretty dark theater). So, that means Roseville, Auburn, and Sacramento...if you're looking for some live entertainment....if you're looking for that amazing date night...if you're looking for a ladies night....and you want to stay local...well....stay local! Blacktop Comedy is right here, and we're producing some live theater that'll blow your mind. It's improv comedy the way it's meant to be.....good.