TRUE STORY is almost here! This Saturday we're bringing back to the stage one of our favorite shows! TRUE STORY asks local guest celebrities to share some stories. Their memories are inspired by the audience suggestions, and those memories are the inspiration for 60+ minutes of ridiculous improv that will make you smile.

 Someone else that'll make you smile is writer, director, actress...and this weeks TRUE STORY monologist....Gwen Conklin. Conklin, most recently known for her work with RELLIK, is a board member of CFAA, Capital Film Arts Alliance, and a positive force in the local Placer and Sacramento film community. She is currently producing the feature film Mamaboy. Always eager to talk and share, she will be a wonderful monologist to kick start our TRUE STORY run.

We had a chance to sit down with Gwen and ask her a few questions. Get to know Gwen Conklin....

who inspires you, who is your role model?

I am inspired by all creative people, whether musicians, filmmakers or other artists.  Just being around their energy ignites my creativity.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

That it's not a job.  It's my passion.  

Do you ever get starstruck?

Oh, heck yeah.   You try to 'act cool' on the outside, but inside your inner child is jumping up and down with excitement.  I am so blessed to continue to be invited onto projects that allow me to not only meet, but work with bigger and bigger stars. 

What role would you love to play/ be your dream role?

I don't have a specific role, but playing against type is always fun.   I try to be a very positive, sweet person...but we all have that 'other side' to us.  So playing an evil super villain would rock!  

What do you do when you’re not working?

I like to really unplug, so I can recharge my creative battery.  Maybe go see a matinee movie, enjoy nature, or go for a swim. 

What work are you most proud of?
I can't single out a specific project.  But I have been very pleasantly surprised to find that I am just as comfortable behind the camera, as in front of it.   And I am proud to say that I am always learning...and find that whatever I learn on one side of the camera, makes me better on the other side.

Why have you succeeded in a field where so many others have struggled?

My earliest opportunities came to me because people said they just loved my positive attitude and wanted that energy on their set.  (That got me a gig as a Film Production Manager, even before I had any real on set experience).  And I love that I still get that compliment, along with great gig offers...which is amazing.