If you’re looking for a quick tip, a tidbit of knowledge, a morsel of smarts we’ve got the show for you! Improv Wisdom! A deep dive into the depths of improv. Let us be your guide as we take an insightful look into what makes a good improviser. In Rocklin? In Sacramento? No! The world! We’ve teach you how to be best improv comedian around. It’s a micro class, for your busy day!

And, if you’re at work, and cant watch we’ve included the transcript below


Hi, welcome to Paul talks about Improv. I'm going to talk about Improv and you're going to listen or watch another video, but you're already five seconds into this one, so commit. Let's go all the way. Shall we?

Nick writes, “Paul and thinking about joining an Improv team. The question is, do I join one or nine? There's lots of people who are interested in me.”

Nick, thanks for the humble brag. You're a great improviser and you should also join as many teams as possible. Believe me, not all teams will be successful, but you know what? All teams do. Take a picture. You'll take a picture together and that picture will last forever. So even if your team is unsuccessful, you'll have a record of being with other people on stage. Those people might become famous. Eventually you might become a teacher, and as a teacher you can always cite. Having worked with a famous improviser, students will think, wow, you've worked with a famous person. You must be a good teacher.

So, I always recommend beyond as many teams as possible because you never know who might make it and who might not.