Comedy loves patterns. Rule of three. In improv we love patterns. In improv we're looking for the game....what can we heighten!

Outside of improv, however, how often are you looking for patterns? I'm trying to find them, because I have quite a few. I know I can disengage and slip into autopilot.  Patterns and habits can offer solutions, but it also feels like this personal fog. I'm pretty skilled at making it through a day, accomplishing a lot, but not being present. Autopiloting. That's not really an accomplishment. In fact, it's pretty terrifying I drift away like that. What patterns do you engage in every day? Why do you do that thing you do?

Habits are helpful, it would be a little daunting and overwhelming to think through everything completely before taking action. We'd probably never be able to get to work.

This morning, before heading to work in Sacramento I noticed I mindlessly locked the window....on the second floor. I agree, it's minor, but why do it? I do it everyday. I don't want someone to break into my house. That's why I do it. That's why I habitually lock doors (sometimes I check 3 times. I have some mild OCD. It used to be very un-mild and debilitating. Phew. Thankfully that's behind me). I'm really worried I'm going to lose something. I lock the doors and windows because I want to be secure.

Everything means something more. Everything we do in life means something more. I think the same can be true for onstage. In fact, if we pause to notice the things our characters do, we'll discover a lot of truth, without having to make up anything.

When you wash a cup onstage (because there seems to be an endless supply of dirty dishes), do you place the dish in the cupboard (there's a lot of storage space in improv houses too)? Wait! You didn't dry that dish!? Why didn't you dry that dish! That's interesting. Don't you think so? You could think so. What does that mean? Why do you do that? There's a lot there. I'm curious about it, you can be curious about it to. You're the one who made the choice. I want to respect your choice onstage. You should listen to your habits onstage too. We can turn off the autopilot.

I'm not lecturing.....I'm reminding myself to turn of the autopilot too. :)