Our Rocklin and Sacramento improv audience love theme shows. It feels different, and more dynamic. Are you planning on a Halloween themed improv show? If you are we have what you're looking for. You need music you can use in the show.

Attached is creative commons zero music and sound effects you can use for your shows. Any shows. Have a haunted house? Use it. Concert? Use it! Trying to scare away the neighbor children that keep smoking pot on your porch? Use it! (also...you might want to close your porch off) (why are they using your porch as a meeting spot? Get rid of those Adirondack chairs. Keep that porch uncomfortable and you'll find it empty). 

Seriously though, music can be expensive, and if you're like us, your theater isn't made of money. You use what you can, and I hope you can use this music. If you like these collections please let me know and I'd be happy to create more collections. We use a lot of music in our productions, Teen Slasher, Off the Cuff Broadyway, Dead or Alive, The Shorties, etc. Audiences love being transported into the work and we've seen the music in our improv and sketch comedy shows a very simple way to accomplish this.

Great intro. Unnerving, and definitely menacing. Something is coming. Your audience is going to nervously giggle. It's 30 seconds of dread.

Looking for suspense underneath the scene? Here's a clip of three minutes of suspenseful music. Really helpful in an improv scene if you're just trying to let people know, "something not right here."

Halloween isn't complete without uncomfortable piano music. This will help put your improv audience on the edge of their seats. When I heard this music I immediately thought of movies like Scream and Halloween.

The classic violin that signals trouble in a Halloween show. If your improvisers are walking through a forest, drop this into the scene and your audience will gasp. They'll understand something is about to happen...and it's not a hug. Enjoy!

When I heard this track I thought of explorers wandering around underground, about to meet there doom. You know....cheery stuff!

Thanks for listening to all these tracks. We've been using them in our show Teen Slasher, and will definitely keep them for future productions too. I hope they serve you and your theater!

Music has helped our work. Have you been using anything that helps emerge the audience into your shows?