Good Day Sacramento

Flip on your TVs....on Sunday. It's important I add "Sunday." Flip on your TVs Sunday, because Blacktop Comedy will be on Good Day Sacramento, talking about Teen Slasher, and depraved things you can find in the show. Last time Good Day came to Blacktop we talked about fun and silly improv games you can play. Oh improv! So much happiness and joy. Well, usually. This time around it's about the blood.

We'll be teaching Good Day Sacramento how you make an affordable blood packet. Teen Slasher is a bloody show, but we realized very quickly and audience doesn't want us just running out and dumping a bucket of blood on them. We needed a more elegant blood adding solution, something that would get the audience excited.

Enter the Squib! It's capitalized because they're invaluable awesomeness. Squibs are packets of blood set to explode onstage and on camera when the audience is watching.

Most actors and actresses don't really want to be shot or bleed on camera, so squibs play the o' so important role of making that murder look real. They can become expensive though. When we first thought about using them in Teen Slasher we were priced out pretty quickly. They sure looked amazing, but we didn't have the money. Mix in technology, and squib triggers, and you can begin spending quite a bit on squibs.

Horror fans, and Halloween aficionados rejoice, because we figured out how to make squibs for cheap. Very cheap. Like 10 cents a squib cheap. We improvised a solution. Of course, you'll be setting them off manually in your hands, but our Rocklin audience at Blacktop doesn't mind. In fact, a blood squib works great for an improv show, because you're not really sure where they're going to "shoot" when you squeeze.

Over the past four years of performing Teen Slasher, the blood has gone everywhere. The record is 30 feet. Pretty impressive for a tiny little bag of blood. Just make sure and use blood that washes out. Very important.

Interested in learning how to create a squib? We have a tutorial on Youtube. And, be sure to turn on CW31 Sunday morning when Betsaida, Jordan, Cristian, Chris and Paul and the Good Day reporter will be making squibs and using them live at Blacktop Comedy. It's going to be fun.

Betsaida makes some Squibs!